What Is Drug Detox Really Like?

Drug detox is a very common yet misunderstood process that is often misconstrued by the general public. Addiction recovery centers offer drug detox programs for a few of the most commonly abused drugs these days, but many drug detox centers have been in operation for decades. Drug detox is traditionally done through hospital stays, but those have become more time-consuming and expensive with longer hospital stays and higher deductibles. This is what happens in a drug detox center.

The Detox Process

In a rehab center, the drug detox process is typically a 5-10-day process that is monitored closely. The first step in the drug detox process is gradually withdrawing from the substance. Detox is one of the most critical parts of treatment in a rehab center. If it doesn’t go well, relapse is much more likely, thus making detox an important consideration.

At the center, the patient gets medicated and supervised care consistently. Most places provide nurses to help monitor the patients and ensure they stay safe and healthy throughout the process. It is also reasonable to assume that you might receive more than one treatment option during this phase. It’s typical for these types of facilities to offer some combination of treatments.

Inpatient rehab centers are very good at giving their patients a wide variety of treatment options, sometimes incorporating things like meditation, yoga, or other holistic forms of treatment into your inpatient drug detox program.

Drug Detox Withdrawal Symptoms

In a detox center, these are the common symptoms of drug withdrawal. The symptoms can be more intense and vary greatly depending on the individual, but they will still be present. A variety of medications are available to help with the withdrawal process, and each facility will likely have a different medication regimen for their patients. These are the symptoms that patients experience during a detox problem.

  • Tremors It is a common symptom, usually the first sign of withdrawal. Tremors are involuntary twitchings of the muscles and tend to be more intense than normal muscle contractions.
  • Insomnia Along with tremors, patients may have insomnia, which is the inability to get quality sleep throughout the night. In addition, patients may have periods where they sleep for a few hours and wake up for a few hours.
  • Muscle Cramps Another common symptom of drug detox is muscle cramps, which one can experience in the hands, feet, and other body areas.
  • Anxiety and Depression Patients may also experience symptoms of depression and anxiety while they are going through drug detox. Suicidal thoughts or impulses may accompany depression if it is not treated properly throughout the process. And pairing depression with anxiety can make for a very bad combination.
  • Mood Swings or Rages Some patients may experience extreme mood swings or rages for no apparent reason. It is caused by changes in the brain chemistry as dependence on certain drugs is being broken. Mood swings and rages can cause violent outbursts and dangerous behavior.
  • Nausea Patients experiencing drug detox may also suffer from nausea, leading to vomiting and dry heaves at times.
  • Panic Attacks Panic attacks are a common symptom of drug detox, accompanied by panic, anxiety, and many other psychological symptoms.
  • Brain Zaps and Headaches Brain Zaps and headaches are also common symptoms of drug detox, leading to intense pain for some patients in the head region.
  • Confusion Patients can also experience confusion as a symptom of drug detox, making it seem like they are not following through on treatment procedures or not receiving proper care.

People may encounter many other symptoms and side effects during drug withdrawal, but the above symptoms are usually the most pronounced and intense. In conclusion, drug detox in a facility is critical in the recovery process. It is a necessary phase in the treatment process and should be monitored carefully to ensure it goes well. To get help enrolling in a Drug Detox center, call 844-639-8371.

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