What’s More Difficult; The Beginning or End of Recovery?

Recovery is a difficult process. It is a road full of obstacles, and it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In many ways, getting through recovery can feel like walking up a steep hill that never seems to end, but you have to have faith that eventually you will reach your destination. Recovery is not linear, meaning that some days will be tougher than others, or in some cases, it might seem as if you are going backwards rather than making progress. In this piece, we will discuss what is more difficult: the beginning or end of recovery.

What Is More Difficult; The Beginning or End of Recovery

Are you wondering what’s more difficult, the beginning or the end of recovery? Well, it all depends on the individual. For some individuals, like in addiction cases, treatment is often lengthy. So even though an addict has made it to day one of their treatment program and can have a roof over their head for an extended period of time, that person still has a long road ahead before they are completely dependent on themselves again. In the case of a drug addict, the beginning of recovery might be quite difficult because they will have to go through withdrawals and might not have their drug fix right there with them.

Then again, it can also be hard to leave treatment when you know that earning a paycheck is within reach, but you still have more time in treatment. The end of recovery can be hard for other recovering addicts because the desire for drugs and alcohol is often back stronger than ever.

Why is the End of Recovery So Hard?

When you are in treatment, your mind and body are changing. You are learning new ways of thinking and acting. When your mind and body have become dependent on the drugs, you will feel both physically and emotionally sick until you find a way to live life comfortably without it. The cravings for drugs is also something that will often lead to relapses.

If you are being released from rehab, you also need to be willing to open up to the rest of the world and get rid of your negative environment. The support that you have received in treatment is important, but it can only take you so far. Many people make their friends in treatment, but when they are released many times, these individuals will find themselves seeking out those same drugs and alcohol that got them into trouble in the first place.

What About the Beginning of Recovery?

Those that are coming into recovery will not be physically dependent on drugs or alcohol, but their emotional dependence might be strong. In addition, their mind is in a place of relapse, and they are not ready to fight it alone. To make matters worse, many addicts do not have an environment that supports their sobriety. So yes, the beginning of recovery can be very difficult.

Some people might have a harder time leaving a treatment center than they will at the end of recovery. At the beginning of recovery, you take responsibility for yourself and learn how to live without drugs and alcohol. You learn to make your own decisions and independent thought process that is different from that of an addict’s normal thinking process. Eventually, you will develop a new life and be able to think clearly again.

So What Is More Difficult?

In the end, it all depends on the individual because everyone recovers differently. If you are at the beginning of your recovery, then you might feel as though this process is a slow one. But if you are ending your rehab program or coming out of detox, your mind and body will be changing rapidly until you have turned into an entirely new person. Once your mind starts to make some changes, so will your body. In conclusion, both the beginning and end of recovery can be tough. Many people might find themselves returning to their old habits, and some people might be scared of going home. You need to remember that each individual will face different obstacles throughout the recovery process. If you are ready to take that leap, call us today at 844-639-8371 and speak to our addiction specialists.

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