Cardinal Rules

I understand and agree that any resident who does not follow the cardinal rules or allows another resident to disregard the rules can and will result in that resident’s termination with no refund of deposit or rent.
I understand and agree as a resident I will remain free from engaging in substance manufacturing and distribution, holding, passing or using mood altering drugs, including alcohol and must report any resident that is using substances or alcohol. Any resident in possession or under the influence of mind-altering substances (alcohol, drugs, or non-prescribed medication) WILL be required to go before a peer review group and if the behavior does not change will be removed from the property, terminated of their membership and forfeit all rent and deposit. Any resident that knows of a person engaging in substance abuse must inform the Staff immediately. Failure to do so will result in what could lead to termination of residency.
I understand and agree I will not participate in gambling, possession of or use of weapons, or any criminal behavior or illegal activity. Weapons are defined as firearms, knives, bullets, martial arts equipment, sharp instruments, or anything that can be construed as a weapon.
I understand and agree that my participation or involvement in any illegal activities in any kind may result in immediate termination of membership. I understand and agree that participating in any of the following acts towards any resident, Staff, staff, and general public directly or indirectly may be grounds for immediate termination of membership; physical violence, threats of violence, intimidating posturing, stealing, verbal abuse, racial, sexual or religious slurs and/or jokes.
I understand and agree not to participate in any sexual behavior on the property.
I understand and agree that I may be requested to participate in random drug and alcohol screening. I understand and agree that failure to immediately participate in a drug screen is grounds for immediate termination of membership. I understand and agree that a positive urine or breathalyzer screen shall result in immediate termination of membership. 
I understand and agree in order to maintain my membership in good standing I must pay my dues and keep them current. I understand that if my dues are not current I can and will be terminated.
Major Rules
I understand and agree to apply myself to the 4-stage process.
I understand and agree that house meetings are held weekly and are mandatory.
I understand and agree to be on the property by the designated curfew time determined in the 4-stage process, unless the house manager or staff have approved it.
I understand and agree that no one will be admitted after curfew without approval from the staff and the doors will be locked after 11:00 pm
I understand and agree to not borrow anything (money). It is fine to offer, but never
I understand and agree staff must approve all visitors to the house.
I understand and agree to treat property and community property with respect.
I understand and agree to not enter another resident’s room without permission or invite another resident into a room they are not assigned.
I understand and agree to avoid any misunderstanding, to address pertinent questions or suggestions to the house manager or staff.
House Rules
I understand and agree there is no smoking inside at any time. Be courteous when smoking in the designated areas. Always use ashtrays and make sure cigarettes are Ashtrays should be emptied regularly.
I understand and agree to keep my personal area neat and clean. Keep living spaces free of clutter and dirty clothes. Please make your bed every day and keep your room clean and neat.
I understand and agree I must help keep the common area neat and clean. Keep it free from clutter and dirty ashtrays. The common area is a common responsibility; work it out at your house meeting.
I understand and agree that all residents will do their own laundry at the posted No laundry left in washers or dryers.
I understand and agree that I will not interfere with other resident’s belongings.
I understand and agree that the kitchen is a common area and once I use it I will clean it and put things back in proper places. I understand that refrigerator space will be assigned for each person. I agree not to take anything I did not purchase and will respect other’s personal food. I understand that the kitchen is accessible 24 hours a day with food/dining to be kept in the general dining area. I understand that after 11:00 pm it is important to be respectful of others in house. Note: Individual labels will be provided for personal food items. Any item without a label is available to all residents. The refrigerator will be deep cleaned once a month and any foul smelling food will be thrown away.
I understand and agree to respect other resident’s anonymity. No information is to be given out to anyone (i.e. phone –take info don’t give it). No cameras or videotaping at any time in the facility.
I understand and agree to keep TVs, and noise to a minimum after 11:00 PM in common area. No TV, music, cell phones or noise in bedrooms after 11:00 p.m. or before 10:00 a.m. I understand and agree to make sure the doors are locked and turn off lights if not in use.
I understand and agree that personal bath items will be kept in bedroom. Items 
left in the bathroom are fair game.
I understand and agree that the house telephone is primarily used only for communication and contact with and for employment and sponsorship. I agree to limit my phone calls to 15 minutes and I understand I will not receive or make phone calls after 11:00 p.m. except in the case of an emergency. I agree to be polite when answering the phone, write messages down in message book and do not give out any information about other house residents.
I agree to maintain my personal hygiene on a daily basis.
I understand and agree that proper dress should be maintained at all times including to and from the property.
I understand in order to live in harmony with our surroundings. I agree to conduct myself in a good orderly direction in the house and surrounding neighborhood.
I understand and agree that under no circumstances will any resident allow a terminated resident entrance into the house.
Nextep is not an institution. It is a more like a family. However, certain rules may be required to assure an equitable distribution of the work in keeping the house clean and at times there may be the need for rules to keep some individuals from disrupting other individuals. These additional rules will be discussed and agreed upon by all residents.

Other House Policies

Medications While you are at Nextep you will take responsibility for your own life, health, emotional well-being, and spirituality. Taking charge of you own destiny may require sharing the responsibility over your own health care with your doctor, who is prepared and willing to assist you in making the best choices. You need to take responsibility for your medications and keep them out of sight in your personal drawer, understanding what they are, why you are taking them, when to take them, what the correct dosage is and any side effects you’ll need to report to you doctor. Statement of responsibility By acknowledging receipt of statement of responsibility, you attest to the following:

I understand and agree I am competent to self-administer my own medications
I understand and agree that medications are my personal property and will be kept there.
I understand and agree to take full responsibility for following my doctor’s instructions.
I understand and agree it is my responsibility to have my doctor explain the risks, benefits and possible side effects of medications prescribed for me by my doctor.
I understand staff at Nextep are not medical professionals, and do not dispense
I understand that I WILL notify the staff about any medication prescribed to me.
Release of Liability/Hold Harmless Ihereby release Nextep and any of its staff Board of Directors, Staffs, officers, property owners and agents from any duty or liability associated with medications prescribed to me. I agree that it is necessary for my protection, as well as the protection of the other residents, that Nextep is notified when I am taking medications.
SANCTIONS: There are always consequences to our actions. If we keep doing what we always did, we will be sure to keep getting what we always got…!
1st Offense – Verbal warning, a one on one meeting with staff. I understand and agree any violation could result in a vote by the residents for sanctions or termination. The following are possible sanctions to be voted on.
2nd Offense — Hearing before the house committee to determine sanctions
3rd Offense — Resident is subject to termination of residency and forfeiture of rent & deposit
UNSUCCESSFUL TERMINATION: I understand and agree if I am terminated my belongings including any valuables, will be held for 3 days. In order for you, your personal contact or family member to pick up your personal belongings after terminations a phone call must be made to the Program Director to make 
arrangements. After 3 days of termination personal belongings become property of Nextep and will be disposed of.
GRIEVANCE POLICY: All residents have the right to take advantage of the resolution procedure as explained below. Problem solving between residents who are experiencing a problem with each other, or who feel they are being treated unfairly by a staff person, should begin with a mediated verbal exchange. The grievance procedure shall apply to any resident who has a complaint or dissatisfaction arising from an interpretation, application or claimed violation of any of Nextep’s policy or procedure, condition of residency, or conflict with staff. Confidentiality will be maintained at all times.
Any resident with a complaint or conflict should first meet with the individual or group she feels has acted unjustly towards her. It must be stated by the resid
ent with the grievance, that this is the first step in the Grievance Procedure. A neutral mediator must be present at this meeting. Every effort should be made to resolve the dispute at this meeting.
If the matter is not resolved at this meeting, the resident filing the grievance shall put the discussed grievance in writing and give to the on-site house manager to be discussed at the scheduled house meeting.
If the grievance is towards the on-site house manager, all matters can be brought to the attention of the Program Supervisor.
Instructions for filing a grievance:
Describe the event or situation about which you are filing a grievance. Include as many facts as you can, such as date, time, place, those present, what was said or done, etc. 
Have you taken any steps to resolve this situation before filing a grievance? If so, what are they?
State what you would like to be done in response to the grievance.
*Nextep will not tolerate retaliation in any form directed at a resident who has or is in the process of filing a grievance. If you feel that your complaint was not resolved amicably please contact the Program Director or FARR directly
Financial Agreement
It is recommended that you stay at Nextep for at least six months. Some residents may need additional time and qualify for further residency consideration and/ or be referred into the LIFT program. To qualify for LIFT members must have resided at Nextep for a minimum of six months, have a zero balance, and rent must be paid a week in advance in order for their application to be submitted. This provides individuals with a good foundation and helps to maintain recovery after they leave. Please provide a minimum of two weeks’ notice when you decide to end this agreement. The cost of residency at Nextep is $100.00 weekly. All payments are non-refundable and are due no later than the Saturday mandatory house meeting. This fee includes housing/amenities (all utilities, washer, dryer, cleaning supplies, staple foods, bedding, TV/cable, high-speed internet, resident phone.) There is also a one-time non-refundable deposit of $200.00 that covers orientation.
Urinalysis Agreement
I understand that the use of any alcohol or drugs while I am a member of Nextep is basis for immediate termination. I understand that Nextep administers drug testing upon admission, at a frequency of twice per week, and at a cost of $50.00 per week. I may be requested, without advance notice, to provide a random urine sample or breathalyzer to detect alcohol or other drugs upon suspicion. I understand that a refusal to provide a urine sample within 30 minutes or breathalyzer as requested may be grounds for immediate termination.
Membership Agreement 
I do herby accept and agree to the follow conditions upon my acceptance of membership in Nextep. During my stay at Nextep I agree to follow conditions upon my acceptance of membership. I have read the Nextep policies and procedures and have had them all explained to me. I specifically acknowledge that I am willing and agree to be responsible for complying with all the policies and procedures. I specifically understand and agree that membership in Nextep is based upon my willingness to involve myself in recovery. I agree to cooperate fully with the Nextep staff at all times. I specifically agree to and I understand that Nextep requires termination, without prior notice or refund, 
of any resident who is found to be: 
using or in possession of any alcohol or illegal/unauthorized drugs; 
in arrears in their house membership dues;
engaged in any unlawful act; 
involved in any disruptive behavior (physical violence, threats of violence, not participating in their own recovery);
not informing staff when a resident is using alcohol or drugs;
refusing to submit to a drug or alcohol screen;
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