Southwest, FL

SouthWest, FL

Are you or someone you love in need of addiction treatment? Nextep offers addiction therapy services for patients from Southwest, FL, and the surrounding areas. Our kind, caring staff, is fully licensed and certified and will guide you through the journey of recovery at our addiction center. Whether your care calls for alcohol addiction treatment or drug addiction treatment, you can receive the comprehensive care and recovery services you need in a safe and confidential setting. 
Outpatient Services
At Nextep, we understand that you have a busy life with obligations that make it difficult to live onsite in our sober living homes. That is why we also provide an outpatient therapy service with morning and evening options available. Individuals receive outpatient counseling and outpatient treatment that is focused on the effective 12 step process. Our outpatient recovery rates are successful because we encourage each individual to take an active role in their healing and recovery. 
Effective Addiction Treatment
We are focused on delivering the quality mental health care our patients need at our rehabilitation center. With improved mental health, patients have a better opportunity of lasting recovery when receiving therapy from an alcohol rehab center or drug rehab center. Whether you choose our outpatient services or you stay at our certified recovery homes, you will receive the guidance, care, and support necessary for a complete recovery. 
Contact Us
When you are ready to take the next step in your recovery, contact Nextep drug treatment center and alcohol treatment center. Call us for more information about our addiction therapy services at (239) 362-0144 today. 
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