Outpatient Program at Nextep

At Nextep, we are committed to helping our patients rebuild their lives through outstanding outpatient rehabilitation programs. We understand that sometimes it isn’t practical to stay onsite at our patient residences. That is why we offer outpatient services to aid in your recovery every step of the way. We provide hands-on treatment in our office and all of the education you can bring home with you to help you take an active role in your treatment and outpatient recovery.

Maintain a good mental state

At Nextep, we understand that the key to staying on track with your recovery is to maintain a good mental state throughout the entire process. To facilitate you in this goal, we offer outpatient counseling and outpatient therapy service to assist you with making the transition to everyday life. Your outpatient treatment will be based on abstinence-only, evidenced based care alongside a twelve step approach. This is the foundation of our drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs.

Flexible meeting times

We provide outpatient services for patients from Dade County, FL, Palm Beach, FL, Broward County, FL, and the surrounding areas of Florida. We offer a variety of flexible options to accommodate your schedule with meeting times available both in the day and evening. Your rehabilitation plan will be tailored to you and based on unique factors including:
  • Work History
  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Family Relationships
  • Substances Used
  • Gender
The core treatment activities in each outpatient recovery treatment process will include individual therapy, educational lectures, and group therapy.


Contact Us

Contact The Nextep for more information about our outpatient recovery program by calling us at 844-639-8371
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