Let Us Help You Take The Next Step In Your Recovery Process


JCAHO Accredited Addiction Treatment and FARR Certified Recovery Residences
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Outpatient Treatment Services

At Nextep, we are committed to helping our patients rebuild their lives through outstanding outpatient rehabilitation programs.

A key component to a successful recovery from addiction is keeping your outpatient services in check. Learn what Nextep can do to help you stay in a good mental state, even during the roughest days in the recovery process.

We understand that sometimes it isn’t practical to stay onsite at our patient residences. That is why we offer outpatient services to aid in your recovery every step of the way. We provide hands-on treatment in our office and all of the education you can bring home with you to help you take an active role in your treatment and outpatient recovery.

We Accept Most Major Health Insurance Including:

Our Core Values

Nextep is about recovery from the disease of addiction. We are an outpatient substance abuse provider and a six-month supportive living environment designed to bridge the gap from early recovery to independent living. We have 12 locations all conveniently located by local bus routes and 12-step meetings. Our program is based on 12-step principles and guidelines and supervised by professional staff and peers. We serve 63 men and 35 women.

Our goal is to teach and empower the recovering individual to internalize healthy living skills that can be utilized over the course of a lifetime. For individuals trapped in a world of substance abuse, life can seem desperate. At Nextep, we believe chances for long-term recovery increase dramatically with support from professionals and peers in an established community. At Nextep, we provide a fostering, compassionate environment where long-term healing is the primary focus.

Subsequently, we are dedicated to the following ideology that serves as our foundation:

To deal honestly and above reproach with our residents, employees, the professional community and the public.

To accept and maintain accountability for the welfare and anticipated long-term recovery of residents while in our care.

To offer the highest level of on-site support to recently recovering individuals with drug and alcohol dependencies.

Sober Living

Certified Recovery Residences

Recovery residences are are an affordable, alcohol and drug free environment that provides a positive place for peer group recovery support.

The goal of Nextep is to provide you with supportive sober living for both men and women who are ready to take the next step in their recovery process. Located in Lee County, we have eleven gender-specific houses that are nestled within quiet, residential areas in Fort Myers, Naples and Cape Coral.

Full time day treatment program serves as an excellent transition from or an alternative to a residential program.

While living in a nearby sober living home, clients attend IOP treatment 3 days per week.
With the guidance of addiction specialists at Nextep, clients can return to living normal, content lives that are free of substance abuse.

Let Us Help You Take The Next Step In Your Recovery Process

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