Why Can One Dose of MDMA Leave You Feeling Lousy for Weeks?

For a lot of people, the attraction of illicit drugs is the possibility of getting that once in a lifetime feeling of total euphoria. Of course, a lot of the same people are also looking for a way to escape the difficulties they encounter in their lives.

No drug on earth is more famous and notorious for the pleasure it delivers than MDMA, known on the streets as ecstasy or molly. This illicit designer drug earned its reputation as a drug of euphoria in the dance clubs of America. Subsequently, this very same drug earned notoriety as the “date rape” drug. Indeed, the drug is known for providing the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

To speak about the benefits of MDMA is absurd, given the drug’s status as an illicit substance. With that said, there are claims that the drug does deliver good feelings if and when taken in the right doses. It’s safe to say this after considering that millions of Americans are using this drug as a means increasing the likelihood they will enhance the enjoyment they get while “partying.”

Here’s the thing. If this substance was good for people, it would eventually stand up to scrutiny enough to become accepted as a legal substance. We all know that is never going to happen. Why? Over time, people who use this drug regularly will experience bad things happening in their lives.

It is worth noting that there have been rumblings this drug might be helpful in the fight against mental disorders like severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety. While that is a possibility, it will take years for the powers to be to develop MDMA into a viable drug that the FDA would approve for distribution as a prescription medication. For now, using, selling, buying, and possessing MDMA is a felony.

In the sections below, we want to focus on MDMA’s worst attributes.

How MDMA Harms Users 

Any drug that carries the label of being the date rape drug is a menace to society. Regardless of any pleasure the drug might deliver temporarily, it’s never enough to stave off the harmful effects the drug has over the long term.

To be clear, MDMA or Methylenedioxymethamphetamine possesses both stimulant and hallucinogenic properties. It has been described as a cross between LSD and methamphetamine. Since users often use MDMA with other substances like alcohol, it has been a real challenge for experts to get a clear grasp on what this substance is all about.

At this point, we want to address a couple of concerns people have regarding MDMA.

Why Can One Dose of MDMA Leave You Feeling Lousy for Weeks? 

Again, experts know very little about how MDMA metabolizes and how it affects the human body. However, scientists have been publishing studies that are starting to offer clarification about this drug.

As for the titled question, here is what we know. High levels of MDMA use can alter serotonin levels in the brain. When this happens, there is oftentimes a related effect on the user’s moods and feelings. If people use this drug regularly, they almost certainly will notice extended mood swings and perhaps memory loss. This is even possible from a single dose if the dose is too large given the way the person’s physical body metabolizes it.

Is MDMA Addictive

Experts have not yet determined whether or not MDMA is physically addictive. What they do know is MDMA is psychologically addictive. How did they come to this conclusion? Most likely because chronic MDMA users exhibit some of the following signs of addiction:

  • Constant problems with personal relationships
  • An obsession with securing and using this drug
  • Decreased focus on work or school
  • Reckless behaviors like unprotected sex or breaking the law to purchase the drug
  • Financial difficulties due to MDMA consumption

If you are exhibiting any of the problems or conditions we listed above, you should accept them as warning signs that things are not okay. The question is, “can you afford to let MDMA abuse adversely affect your wellbeing?”

If you suspect you might be living in the cycle of addiction to MDMA, you need to consider getting treatment. That’s something we would gladly provide for you. If you are ready to kick your MDMA habit, you need to pick up the phone and contact one of our staff members at the following number, 844-639-8371.

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