Can I Be Helped if I Developed My Addiction Just to Feel Something?

Finding yourself entangled in a web of addiction can create feelings of hopelessness. Few people set out using drugs or drinking alcohol with the goal of becoming addicted. To the contrary, many of us just wanted to feel something.

Some try to alleviate painful emotions, while others seek a sense of euphoria. However, frequently the drugs and the booze stop working. In fact, they can erode our sense of self-worth so dramatically, we can’t imagine life without them.

So, what can we do when an innocent desire to just feel something by using drugs and alcohol becomes a problem? Can you be helped if your addiction started out as something that seems so innocent?

You’re Not Alone

The most important idea is how far from unique your thoughts really are. It wouldn’t be unrealistic to think that a vast majority of alcoholics and drug addicts would say they used or drank to feel something.

An accepted principle of addiction is that it is but a symptom of more deeply rooted issues. We may drink to avoid painful emotions, fears, or uncomfortable circumstances in our lives. The bottom line is that we drink or use drugs to erase these uncomfortable feelings. We don’t necessarily have to be seeking some sort of euphoric high.

We just want to feel something different from the uncomfortable emotions that trouble us. You may not even be aware of how critical a role an emotional imbalance can have on addiction. This is why most stress that drug abuse and alcoholism don’t simply happen.

Some feeling or lack of feelings triggers your addiction. Your ultimate goal when drinking or using is to feel something different. There is a solution that will help you feel differently without drugs or alcohol.

There Is a Solution

Rarely does an alcoholic or drug addict wake up one morning with the profound revelation that they have a problem. Addiction is a progressive disease that gets invariably worse. However, there is a solution and that solution is treatment.

Treatment programs will help you uncover the underlying reasons why you want to feel something in the first place. When you address the emotional issues that the root cause of addiction, you will gradually realize that you don’t need or want to feel different.

Life is full of uncomfortable emotions. No one is immune to fear or stressful anxiety. Even the most emotionally solid individuals on the outside may experience a sense of inferiority in certain situations. Everyone has feelings.

Using drugs and alcohol to mask or hide these feelings is what fuels an addiction. Treatment is such a welcome solution because it helps you accept the reality of your feelings and then learn to see how drugs and alcohol never change them.

You simply feel something different for a brief time, but ultimately the same old haunting feelings come back, usually worse. Some end up addicted to particular drugs because they were in pain.

Alcoholics tell stories of just wanting to fit in, or be part of the popular crowd. Nearly everyone who ends trapped in an addiction started trying to feel something. If you drank or used drugs just to feel something, you are part of the majority.

There is another problem that you must consider. Of the majority who end up addicted, far too many of these people never find help. Their life spirals out of control. There is a fateful progression to untreated addictions.

It might begin with a lost job, a lost friendship, or a broken family. As the addiction worsens, many end up in jails or institutions. As startling as it might sound, the end for many is not recovery, but death. Addiction is serious. You need to treat it as such.

Even if you only think you use drugs or alcohol to feel something, it can lead to a dangerous addiction. Like many people, you will reach a point where it takes more and more of your drug of choice to achieve the same result.

The problem becomes even more serious when you reach that point where it will become impossible to turn back. If you think you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you probably need to ask for help.

The worst that could happen is you’ll find out you need to make some changes. The alternative of not asking for help could be consequences that are not good. Untreated addictions can lead to death. Call us today at 844-639-8371 for more information.

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