How Can I Go to Rehab if I’m a Single Parent?

Making the decision to go into rehab will be one of the most important choices you will ever make. You’ll be taught how to live without drugs and alcohol in your life, and you will be given the steps you need to move forward when you leave the center.

However, it isn’t always easy for men and women to choose a rehab facility if they are a single parent. There are many factors that go into this major decision. The most important factor will be what happens to your child or children while you are in the facility receiving help. It may seem like an impossible feat altogether. Who will be the one to take over responsibility of your children over a long period of time?

Your concerns are real and valid, and they represent the many struggles of single parents who are dealing with addictions. Read on to learn more about rehab and being a single parent.

Who Will Take Care of My Child?

You may be 100% willing and committed to going into rehab, but you just don’t know who will take care of your child while you are gone. The first place to look is with family. You may have a grandparent or two who will be willing and able to care for your child while you are away. You may also have someone else who is close to you that could help out while you are in rehab. Many people ask the following people for assistance:

• Grandparents
• Aunt or Uncle
• Siblings
• Cousins
• Close Relatives

You may also have a close friend that you trust who will be willing to take on the responsibility of a child while you are taking care of your addiction. No matter what, it is crucial that you leave your children in the care of a family you can trust.

Outpatient Rehab Centers

For some single parents, checking into a full-time rehab will not be a feasible option because of young children. If this is the case for you, then an outpatient rehab may be the next best thing. You may be able to go to therapy sessions while your child is in school or daycare or while a trusted relative or friend watches them for the day. Some outpatient centers even offer childcare services during your sessions. You’ll be able to get the help that you need while your child is cared for.

You may also have to make the difficult decision to place your child or children in foster care while you are in rehab. If this is your choice, you will need to sign a statement with your local Department of Children’s Services saying you voluntarily agree to place your children elsewhere. While this option is drastic, it will be better for your children in the long run while you take the time you need to care for your addiction.

What to Expect in Rehab

After you arrange for childcare services, you can commit yourself fully to your rehabilitation experience. You can expect the following from most inpatient and outpatient centers.

Detox services- Don’t worry if you are still using it when you check into rehab. The intake staff will make sure you get the care you need for any withdrawal symptoms you may be having. This may include medication to help ease the symptoms you may be feeling.

Dual diagnosis- Treating your problem means more than just tackling the addiction. You’ll be given a dual diagnosis, meaning the rehab will treat any mental disorders separately. When you get to the very root of your addiction, you can begin to make real progress towards managing it.

Group therapy- Group therapy is usually a staple within rehab centers. Why? Because many single parents need to talk with others who are going through the same problems as they are. Group therapy allows you to voice your frustrations in a safe place with people who understand.

Family therapy- If your therapist believes you are making progress, they may allow your family to come in and attend a family therapy session with you. As a single parent, it is important for your children to see that you are working towards a solution to your problem.

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