Tips to Prepare Your House Before Leaving For a 28 Day Rehab Stay

A 28-day rehab stay gives you the time that you need to fully immerse yourself in a place that supports your decision to get sober. During your time at rehab, the therapeutic services that you receive take time to work. As you begin to gain strength after the initial withdrawal period, your counseling sessions begin to take on new meaning, and you will have the opportunity to begin rebuilding your new sober lifestyle over a period of weeks.

While this is an exciting time, you also need to know that you can spend your days in rehab focused completely on your mission to get sober. Although you will be working through any issues in your home life and relationships, the last thing you need is to be stressing about things such as whether or not your pet got fed. While it’s always completely okay to enter rehab immediately if your health is at risk, we also understand that some people need to get things in order before they arrive at the treatment facility. As you get ready for your scheduled intake date, you can use the tips to prepare your house for your visit to our Florida rehab.

Catch Up On Minor Housekeeping Tasks

While you don’t have to scrub your house from top to bottom, you do need to handle a few basic tasks so that it is in good condition when you get back home. If your house will be sitting empty, then make sure to clear out any perishable food items that could go bad before you make it back home. As you do, keep in mind that you may need to wipe down the kitchen counters and the shelves in the refrigerator and pantry to prevent food spills from getting worse during your time away.

Depending upon your living arrangements, you may also need to perform these tasks to ensure that everything is handled during your time away.

  • arrange for lawn maintenance or snow shoveling
  • place a hold on your mail
  • turn off the water supply to your home
  • notify your landlord or home security company of your absence
  • double check the locks on windows and doors that you rarely use

Handle Your Financial Concerns

The decision to get sober will help you get your finances back on track if you have struggled with this area in the past. However, you do need to handle any current financial concerns that could arise during your time in rehab. For instance, you may need to automate your bill paying so that things such as your rent or car loans get paid on time if you cannot pay them ahead right now.

You may also need to arrange for someone that you trust to check for any bills that could arrive once you have already left. Fortunately, a 28-day stay typically means that you can pay your bills and have them be fine until you get back. However, you do need to be cautious to pay anything that you cover on a weekly or biweekly basis.

You may also be able to handle this type of task while you are in rehab if an emergency arises, so don’t let this part of your planning stress you out. It’s just better to knock as many things as you can off of your plate so that you can spend more time working on your recovery.

Appoint a House Sitter

If you house sits empty for the month that you are in rehab, consider appointing someone that you trust to check on things periodically. While they don’t necessarily have to stay overnight, it will give you peace of mind to know that someone has checked on things at least once a week. During these visits, they can do things such as check for plumbing leaks and make arrangements for maintenance so that you don’t come back to a catastrophe.

If you have pets in the house, then having someone stop by each day to feed them also gives you someone to check on things. Just make sure to give them a list of any phone numbers that they may need to let you know if something goes wrong and to call your preferred service provider for things such as minor repairs.

A little preparation now helps you to stay focused during your time at our South Florida treatment center. Our counselors are available 24-hours a day to help you get ready for your stay. Give us a call today at 844-639-8371!

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