Is 28 Day Rehab Long Enough to Help Me Kick My Cocaine Addiction?

Cocaine addiction is so strong that you have probably struggled with trying to quit on your own in the past. Agitation, fatigue and depression are just a few of the withdrawal symptoms that you experience when you try to abruptly stop using cocaine at home, and many people find it impossible to overcome cravings without getting professional help.

If you’ve tried and failed to stop using cocaine on your own, then your decision to go to a rehab program is the best way to finally break free from the negative cycle of drug misuse. Once you’ve decided to make getting sober a priority, you face the task of picking how long you prefer to stay in rehab. For many people, a 28-day program makes sense, yet it’s easy to wonder how that can possibly be enough time to get over years of drug addiction. The length of time you require to get sober varies according to multiple factors, and this guide helps you to begin working with your addiction treatment counselors to develop a plan that helps you be successful.

Factors That Influence How Long You Need to Stay at Rehab

Addiction is different for everyone. While some people only need some time in outpatient counseling, others need weeks or months of inpatient treatment. A 28-day rehab stay falls within the middle ground, which is why you tend to hear about it the most. You can absolutely get sober in 28-days, but it helps to consider the personal factors that influence your recovery.

A few of the factors that could cause you to need a shorter or longer stay include the following:

  • a history of relapses in the past
  • a need to fully break away from negative influences
  • the amount of support you have from friends and family members
  • a strong desire to comply with your treatment plan
  • other coexisting mental health conditions

When you have the desire to make sobriety work and the proper support, you can kick your cocaine addiction during a 28-day rehab stay.

Strategies Used to Treat the Underlying Causes of Addiction

Drug rehabs provide intensive treatment during 28-day programs that make it possible to address cocaine addiction in such a short period of time. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy is a technique that involves professional counseling that helps you learn why you use cocaine and methods to overcome your addiction.

A large portion of your program is also dedicated to helping you begin to rebuild your life without the use of cocaine. People in addiction treatment often struggle with other mental health disorders such as depression. Your counselors will help to identify coexisting disorders and provide you with treatment that helps you gain better overall mental health.

Techniques to Continue Treatment After You Get Home

While 28-days in rehab helps you to stop using cocaine and start your journey of sobriety, you do need to understand that you must remain committed to the prevention of relapse. While you are in rehab, you will also participate in programs that help you find healthier ways to spend your time. For instance, you will get to learn new hobbies that prevent you from using drugs out of boredom. You will also learn how to manage stress better.

Upon your return home from rehab, you are thrust back into your normal life. However, you will spend the last days of your treatment building strategies that help you transition back to your residence and start making a new life. Whether you took up yoga and meditation or found that you work off stress best in a pool, you will have the opportunity to put what you learned at rehab into practice.

We also recommend that you continue your treatment by building a network of support that helps you stay sober. Group therapy sessions and visits with an individual counselor are often still necessary after you leave rehab to ensure that you continue to stay sober. While you will gradually be able to attend therapy less often as you gain strength in sobriety, you do need to remain on guard against relapse in the future. If you do encounter a problem, then just reach out. Our counselors are always ready to help people transition into sobriety following their stay in rehab.

Our Florida rehab offers you intensive treatment that helps you get sober within less than a month. Are you ready to finally tackle your addiction? Give our caring counselors a call at 844-639-8371 to enroll in a program today!

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