Executive-Level Services Offered In a Private Drug Rehab

Contrary to popular belief, executives and celebrities are not immune to personal problems. In fact, they have enormous responsibilities due to expectations that are put on people at that level. They have money issues, career responsibilities that involve other people’s lives and often have their personal lives played out in front of the media.

It shouldn’t be surprising that they too are subject to falling prey to drug or alcohol addiction. For what it’s worth, their unique availability to financial resources makes it easier for them to secure the substances they need to feed their cravings. That’s one important obstacle down. The point is they are normal people on the inside and might be hurting on the outside.

Where they warrant a little extra consideration is because of the ramifications they could potentially face should others discover they have an addiction problem. These are people that run companies, employ people or keep us entertained. A fall from grace could have a direct effect on more people that you might imagine. For that reason, it’s common for top level addiction treatment centers to offer “executive” treatment programs. It’s not that they are entitled to special treatment. The fact is every patient is entitled to special treatment.

An executive addiction treatment plan does one important thing. It provides a treatment environment that specifically addresses the executive’s special circumstances. In all fairness, high-profile patients usually have to pay the high cost of such programs. So, it’s not like anyone is doing them a big favor. Here’s the bottom line. As a society, we need to care about everyone’s welfare. It doesn’t matter what the person’s economic or social status might be. With this in mind, it’s important that executive addiction treatment programs are available. Why? It increases the possibility the busy executive or celebrity will take the time to seek treatment. Otherwise, they will suffer through their addiction and the people around them could pay the price.

Executive-Level Services Offered In a Private Drug Rehab

As indicated above, there are top addiction treatment centers that have specific treatment programs for high-profile people. These programs require the patient go through the detox, therapy and aftercare just like all the other custom addiction addiction programs. However, there are advantages afforded patients in an executive treatment program. Below, we would like to discuss those advantages for the benefit of any executive who needs help but isn’t sure how they can handle their massive responsibilities and go through an intensive addiction treatment program at the same time. First, we will list the advantages and follow with more details:

  • Access to Work Tools Like Phones and Computers
  • Opportunity for Visits From Important Clients, Employees or Partners
  • Amenities
  • Privacy

Access to Work Tool

A busy executive still needs to make important business decisions in order to keep the business from suffering. While cell phones and computers are usually not available to patients in standard programs, executives consider them necessary tools for communication and decision-making. For that reason, the rehab facility makes limited concessions, allowing the patient to have access to communication tools for business purposes only.

Business Related Visits

Most rehabs try to restrict visits to immediate family on an as needed basis. High-profile patients have contracts to sign, people to hire and deals to negotiate. Since these things are hard to do over communication devices, special visitation privileges are given to outsiders for work and business related purposes.


Rehab centers have higher success rates when people go through treatment in a comfortable environment. That’s why many facilities try to make its residential facility feel homey. High-profile people are used to being pampered. The best way to assure they have a comfortable environment for treatment is to feature luxury amenities. That might include the following:

  • Privates rooms and baths
  • Exercise and spa facilities
  • Gourmet foods and chef services
  • Entertainment options like TV, golf or horse-back riding


Fighting an addiction is a very personal thing. It doesn’t bold well for people in the limelight. Sometimes, there are outsiders who would use a stint in rehab as a way to hurt or embarrass an executive or celebrity. For the protection of these folks and their reputations, a high premium is placed on seclusion and privacy. If access to an executive treatment program would prompt you to make time for treatment, you can contact us about what we have in our offering. The number is 844-639-8371.

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