Is a Florida Center for Recovery a Good Place for Anyone on the East Coast?

While different recovery centers work for different people, Florida centers for recovery have a long track record of being highly effective for helping people who struggle with addiction. Florida recovery centers are a good place for almost anyone on the East Coast and the rest of the world for the following reasons:

• The Climate
Florida’s warm climate aids in the healing process. Warm climate allows for plenty of outdoor time in the sun, which helps boost moods. Many of Florida rehabs are located near beaches, which are a healing environment for many people because it allows them to become one with nature and reflect on life.

• Holistic Therapy Methods
Holistic therapy methods (e.g. art/music, equine, activity, adventure, acupuncture, nature, etc.) are widely used in Florida rehab centers. These therapies are effective because it helps clients express unconscious thoughts, feelings, and emotions and learn how to have fun sober. Many of the outdoor therapeutic activities are made possible because of Florida’s warm climate.

• Level of Experience
Florida’s long history of holistic rehabs means that they have decades of experience in treating addiction. Florida rehab centers value evolving along with the evolution of research in the addiction field regarding understanding the disease and pioneering effective treatments. They also value custom treatment plans for each client because addiction treatment is not one-size-fits all.

• Recovery Community
Many people choose to stay in the Florida area after completing rehab to avoid going home to relapse triggers. That is why Florida has a cohesive recovery community, which means sober-living facilities, halfway houses, jobs, educational opportunities, sober clubs, and meetings are widely available in the surrounding communities for clients to be a part of after they finish rehab. Working with recovering people to get better and having quality resources available will greatly increase the chances of life-long recovery.

The History of the Florida Model of Addiction Treatment

Addiction can be traced back to as early as the Ancient Romans. Gambling and sex addiction are believed to be a factor for the fall of Rome. Before 1935, addiction usually ended in three ways: institutions, jails, or death. In 1935, Alcoholics’ Anonymous, the first 12-Step Program, was founded. However, Alcoholics’ Anonymous was only limited to alcohol use disorder. No attention was given to other substance use and addictive disorders. As the decades went on, more scientific understanding of addiction came about, and treatment centers were founded. However, these treatment centers were often identical to hospitals and kept patients confined to the building and merely forced them to go through the motions of individual counseling and meetings.

In 1986, Sid Goodman forever revolutionized addiction treatment when he founded the Florida Model of Addiction Treatment. Instead of addiction treatment being like a hospital-stay, Goodman made it more like a residential experience. The client quarters were like any other residence, were allowed plenty of outdoor time, and had more holistic therapies. This model of treatment had much higher success rates than the previous model. The Florida Model is now being adopted all over the world with Florida still being the heart of it all.

Safety Tips When Choosing a Florida Rehab

While there are many excellent rehabs in Florida, unscrupulous people have been setting up “rehabs” in Florida as a fraudulent way to make profits for themselves by over-billing insurance or even trapping clients into human trafficking rings while proving shoddy care. Signs of a fraudulent Florida rehab are brokering, enticement, misrepresentation of services, and insurance over-billing.

Brokering occurs when a representative is receiving kickbacks when a client enters treatment or call centers referring prospective clients to the treatment centers that are the highest bidders to their call center and not in the best interest for the client. Always make sure who contacts you or who you contact about getting into treatment actually works for the treatment center that they say they are from by calling the treatment center and giving the agent’s name. Never go to a specific treatment center in exchange for money, gifts, free rent, free flights, or other too-good-to-be-true deals. Fraudulent centers will have generic descriptions of their services or lie about their services, accreditation, and affiliations. If you check into a rehab and find out they do not offer what they said they offered on their website or when taking to an agent before checking-in, leave immediately. Insurance over-billing often occurs when treatment centers give frequent drugs tests (e.g. every two days) to make more money from the insurance companies. Thoroughly research every treatment center you are interested in, and follow your intuition if something does not feel right.

South Florida rehab centers are an excellent choice for your recovery. Call one today at 844-639-8371 to learn more.

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