Can You Work Full-Time When Living in Sober Housing?

Sober living, also called transitional housing, is a common next step for many people after completing rehab. Sober living houses have rules, and their primary purpose is to help people adapt to living a structured life, which can be a challenge after addiction.

One of the most important rules in a sober living house is working. All residents are expected to be seeking employment or working while they live in the house. If you have a full-time job, you will be able to still work while living in the house so long as you pay your rent on time and your work does not stop you from making your mandatory treatment meetings.

Life in a Sober Living House

Sober living homes are designed to provide people in recovery with a structured, trigger-free environment while they are attending rehab/therapy and putting their life back together. It’s not uncommon for people to enter rehab homeless and unemployed; if they have family and friends they could live with, some opt for transitional housing to stay structured and focused on their goals.

Sober living houses help people regain or develop life skills they need to maintain healthy, functional lives as productive adults. Cooking, cleaning, conflict resolution and money management are just a few of the skills one will learn and rely upon while living in a sober home.

People in sober living homes are not given any financial assistance; they must buy all of their own food, pay for their own bills, such as a cell phone, and pay monthly rent. The cost of rent varies depending on the location of the sober home and the organization that runs it, but the average cost ranges between $450 to $700 per month.

What Kind of Job Can I Have in a Sober Home?

You are not restricted to any industry or profession while you are in recovery; you are encouraged to apply yourself and strive toward jobs that will provide you with a sustainable income and give you a sense of fulfillment each day. You may not have many career options at the moment, but that doesn’t mean your job at a store or restaurant is not equally important.

Sober living home residents are required to be actively working or seeking employment; if they do not pay for their rent or do not attend work, they will face consequences. Continually breaking the rules will result in you being evicted from the sober living home.

Working full-time is a major commitment, and you should speak with your therapist and substance abuse counselors about whether or not a full-time position is best for your mental health right now. Many people like to start working part-time, then increase their hours as they become more comfortable following the structure and routine of sober home living.

However, the ultimate choice comes down to you, and as long as you can pay the rent and still attend your therapy sessions or treatment program, you can work as much as you want.

Can Rehab Help me Find a Job?

If you entered rehab unemployed, you aren’t automatically going to be cast out on the street. For those who are actively seeking work, most rehabs and sober living home landlords are flexible. They will offer you a month to find a job anywhere, and many rehabs offer career resources including writing and updating a resume, job application assistance and possibly skill training.

Whether you have never worked a proper job before or lost your job from addiction, you can still find employment and learn to live independently with the help of rehab staff. Living at a sober home in the interim will give you the opportunity to save money, adjust to a regular working schedule and continue therapy.

How to Find a Sober Living Home

Some sober homes are halfway houses, and they may not be designed solely for people in recovery. People who have recently gotten out of jail also live in halfway houses, and many of these homes are poorly funded and in bad neighborhoods. It’s important to work with a good rehab that can connect you with a safe sober living home.

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