How Should I Prepare for My First Visit to Nextep?

Addiction recovery services are plentiful in today’s world, but few are as reliably successful as the Nextep program. Featuring intensive outpatient programs and Certified Recovery Residences that let people rebuild their lives in a community that is completely alcohol and drug free. The program that’s right for you will depend on how long you’ve been using, what your needs are, and exactly what kind of recovery you want for yourself.

Nextep crafts excellent outpatient rehab services because they realize that many people choose to pursue their recovery outside of an inpatient facility. If that’s what your plan is, it’s okay. Nextep’s counselors created a program that helps you through the most difficult parts of the recovery process, even with outpatient help. If you’ve got a visit to Nextep coming up, here’s what you need to know.

What to Bring

Like all treatment facilities, you’ll need to bring your ID and insurance with you when you visit for your intake. Whether it’s an outpatient or inpatient program, there will be an initial visit you have with a counselor that will assess your substance abuse history and medical history. You’ll discuss a lot of things in that first meeting, so be prepared to help them learn about you.

The program is based on 12-step principles because those 12-step principles have been saving and rebuilding lives for decades now, and those are the programs that tend to stick and work. Sober living residences are situated in quiet, peaceful neighborhoods, so if you’re moving into one of these facilities, you’re in for a real treat. It’s a place where you can live, work, and benefit from the guidance of the sober living community. You’re going to meet some great people.

What to Expect

A first outpatient visit is going to go over general information with you. As long as you remember that all important ID and insurance card, things are going to be a piece of cake. The counselors at this program are highly trained and experienced in helping new clients feel at ease. It’s their job to assess your needs and make you feel right at home, whether it’s for inpatient or outpatient help. Outpatient programs are often better for people who are in the early stages of addiction or don’t feel the need to live in a sober living environment to stay sober. Others who’ve been using for a very long time or with severe withdrawal symptoms may find long-term residential sober living a better option.

Nextep does have medication assisted therapy for those who need it. Dual diagnosis is not a problem for this program either. The counselors are 100% qualified to treat both substance abuse disorders and accompanying mental disorders. Whatever the issue is, this program can handle it with a lot of integrity and compassion. People moving into the residences will find that everything is easy going, and they may even feel free for the first time in a long time.

Explore the Entire Program

It’s almost impossible to prepare someone for a “first visit” entirely. You might be anxious about whether or not you and the counselor will find anything to talk about during an outpatient visit. It’s okay to be nervous, but what you will find at Nextep is a truly understanding environment and one that has addressed issues just like yours for many years now. The community of sober living residences is equally laid back and relaxing to be a part of. You’re always in terrific hands when you trust this program with your recovery.

Another person you need to trust during your recovery is yourself. It’s okay to be a little nervous. It’s even okay to be a lot nervous. Many people seeking help for the first, or even dozenth, time will be nervous about how things are going to go. The initial meeting with professionals may cause you to have more anxiety than normal. They will know how to address these issues and make you feel more at ease. What’s vital to remember is that whether you choose outpatient therapy or certified recovery residences, you’re going to be rebuilding a part of your life around people who know how to hand you the right tools to build. The community values integrity and trust above all.

If you love what you’ve read about the Nextep program, we can tell you a lot more about what to expect. Whenever you’re ready to reach out for some help, just call us at 844-639-8371. We’re always here when you’re ready for the next step of your life.

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