How To Know You’re An Alcoholic Or Drug Addict?

Substance abuse disorders create chaos. Suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol can turn your life upside down. However, there are thousands who continue these destructive patterns without life-changing consequences. You do not need to have been arrested, lost your job, your family, or performed poorly at school.

You could still be an alcoholic or a drug addict. But how can you know for sure? There are a number of behaviors and actions that strongly suggest you may have a possible substance abuse problem. Let’s look at some questions you must honestly answer for yourself to help you know if you’re an alcoholic or drug addict.

Do You Have a Substance Abuse Disorder?

An important thing to remember before you even begin to ask this question is how important it is to be rigorously honest. Anything less than complete and honest answers to every question will not help you. In fact, you may fall deeper into your addiction.

If you question your ability to honestly answer these questions, seek the help of a professional substance abuse specialist. Let’s look at some questions and indications that point to a substance abuse problem.

Do you lie about your alcohol or drug use?

Lying about an addictive behavior is a strong indication that there is a serious problem. If you don’t feel you struggle with a substance abuse problem, then why do you need to lie? Just because you’re untruthful about your drinking or drug use, you are not a bad person.

Lying about a substance abuse disorder is a common problem among addicts and alcoholics. A huge reason is guilt. If you’re covering up your drug or alcohol use with lies or deceptive answers to questions about your substance abuse, there is a strong chance you need help.

Have you seriously tried to stop or cut back, but failed?

This is a common question in a substance abuse evaluation. The inability to stop, despite the noblest of good intentions, is consistently met with a relapse. In your mind, you realize you have a problem, but you can’t seem to stop. You are not alone.

Thousands have tried an easier and softer way to sobriety, but failed. There is hope because there is help. Just because you’ve tried to stop drinking or using drugs on your own and failed, you are not a failure. It is an addiction, and addictions require help to defeat.

Do you blackout when using drugs or alcohol?

When you forget periods because you’ve drunk too much or used drugs, it’s called a blackout. Reaching a point where your memory is impaired is also an indication you have a substance abuse problem. Experiencing a total blackout is extremely dangerous.

Blackouts are the first sign your body tries to give you that you are drinking too much or the drugs are reaching a dangerous point. If you experience frequent blackouts when drinking, it is a strong indicator that you need help with your substance abuse.

Does your substance abuse dominate your life?

People do think about a cool drink after work. Some people even contemplate using a substance to relax or unwind. However, when your thoughts throughout the day begin to focus on your that next drink or drug, you have a serious problem.

If you can’t even get through 24-hours without a drink or a drug, there is a strong chance you may have a substance abuse disorder. When thoughts about your next drink or drug become overwhelming, you need to seek help.

What Can You Do if You Are an Alcoholic or a Drug Addict?

Thankfully, the answer to this question is much simpler than those about your substance abuse disorder. The first thing you must do if you discover you could have a problem is to speak to a professional. There are various options for nearly every individual situation.

However, trying to stop or recover alone rarely produces successful results. Dealing with a substance abuse disorder requires professional guidance. What you can do if you feel you have a problem is to reach out for help. Help is available.

If you realize that you have a problem with substance abuse, you are not alone. Millions have found an exciting new way to live. There is hope. Hope is found through recovery. It doesn’t matter what substance is ruining your life, you can turn your life around.

All you need to do is ask for help. Sometimes, this new journey starts with treatment. Others benefit from one-on-one counseling and support from recovery groups. Whatever you do, if you feel you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, reach out for help. Reach out today at 844-639-8371.

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