How Long Are Drug Treatment Programs Supposed To Last?

The only viable way an addiction sufferer is going to be able to fight back against their addiction is by seeking treatment from a reputable rehab like ours. First, the addiction sufferer will need to come to grips with the notion they have an addiction illness. If and when they do come to grips with that reality, they will soon find out their options for recovery are limited. It’s a shame that far too many addicts will create barriers to getting treatment even when they know they have limited choices.

One of the concerns that we hear about all the time involves the amount of time that’s needed for treatment. Yes, it will take a lot of time, effort, and perhaps money to get treatment. However, it’s the only viable choice given the alternative is the destruction of life as the addiction worsens. As we man our phone lines for calls coming in regarding our facility and treatment options, we get a lot of questions about the time commitment.

When we respond, we respond with great caution because we know a lot of factors going into the process of trying to guess how long treatment would last. Here is a list of said factors:

  • The duration and depth of the addiction sufferer’s addiction
  • The type of substance or substances they have been abusing
  • The amount of substance or substances they are using each time they use
  • The frequency of the substance abuse
  • The possibility of there being other circumstances that could be driving the addiction

If we have this kind of information, we can make an educated guess about how long a treatment program will last. With that said, it would still be an educated guess because we know that each client is an individual with a unique set of circumstances. If having an answer will influence you to consider getting treatment, then we would like to offer you the following information.

How Long Are Drug Treatment Programs Supposed To Last?

Since it is so difficult to pinpoint how long each person will need to be in treatment, we thought it would be prudent to break everyone into two categories or levels of addiction. The first level will focus on individuals who are dealing with moderate addiction issues. The second level will focus on people who have a rather severe addiction to opioids or alcohol.

Duration of Treatment for Addicts With a Moderate Addiction

It would be fair to say that a majority of the addicts in the world would fall into this category, Most of these people are recreational drugs users who have little control but still have the ability to function reasonably well. As a rule of thumb, the minimum amount of time needed to properly treat a moderate addiction issue in 30 days. We’ll call that the industry standard. If an addict has a long laundry list of personal issues that are driving their addiction behavior, they might need to extend their stay to as many as 90 days. That would also be true of the client who is reluctant to do what’s needed to recover from their addiction.

Duration of Treatment for Addicts With a Severe Addiction

Generally, the addicts at this level are hardcore addicts and long-time substance abusers. These are folks whose entire lives are embedded in addiction. For hardcore addicts, there is much work to be done to peel away the layers of destruction that have taken place over months or years of substance abuse. Even the detox process can take upwards of a month if a client gets placed in a detox tapering program. Addicts at this level need long-term care. That means they might need to stay in treatment for upwards of 180 days.

In the very worst cases, the number could be extended to a year. The point is each client needs to be willing to invest however much time they need to invest to ensure they get a chance to beat their addiction. If your life is spiraling out of control, we ask that you not concern yourself with how long it will take to establish recovery from your addiction illness. For your sake, you need to do whatever is necessary for however long it will take until you are free from drugs/alcohol. We can help you with that if you will take a moment to call us at 844-639-8371.

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