Is a Women’s Drug Facility the Best Recovery Environment for Domestic Violence Survivors?

The effects of domestic violence often generate changes in your life that may make it harder to deal with an addiction. You might have developed your addiction before you were exposed to domestic violence, or it might have popped up as you tried to cope with your pain. While it would be wonderful if no one experienced the pain of abuse, it does help to know that there are places that you can go to seek help for your addiction in a supportive environment. Right now, you might be exploring your options for addiction treatment, and it is common to wonder if a women’s facility might be the best recovery environment for a domestic violence survivor. Knowing how women’s treatment centers differ from other types helps you feel safe going to rehab.

Feel Safe While You Recover From Your Addiction

You need to feel both physically and emotionally safe while you recover from an addiction. If you are fleeing a domestic violence situation, then you can feel reassured knowing that the treatment facility that you attend will never tell anyone that you are there without your permission. You have a right to patient confidentiality that can protect you from having someone surprise you during your stay. Even if someone knows that you are there, they are not allowed to visit without your permission. Staying at drug treatment facility gives you control over who you choose to spend time with while you recover.

A women’s drug facility gives you an added layer of security. If you were subjected to domestic violence by a male, then you might just feel better being around other women who don’t trigger negative emotions. Due to the prevalence of domestic violence in many communities, it is also completely possible that you’ll meet other women who have gone through similar experiences.

Get Targeted Treatment for Domestic Violence Survivors

As a domestic violence survivor, it is common to experience mental health issues as a consequence of all that you have gone through. For some women, the lingering effects of domestic violence lead to symptoms that are associated with PTSD. You might experience flashbacks of the abuse, or you might fear certain situations. Even feeling someone tall looming behind you could trigger anxiety. Women’s drug facilities are designed to help you regain a better state of wellbeing and part of that starts with receiving targeted treatment that addresses your underlying mental health issues. You’ll enjoy these services that help you start your recovery on a stronger foundation.

  • Receive an overall mental health assessment
  • Treat underlying mental health conditions
  • Find support from other survivors
  • Feel safer talking about your experiences as a survivor
  • Learn how to stop the cycle of abuse in relationships
  • Participate in family counseling opportunities

Receive Support for Rebuilding a Healthier Lifestyle

When you need treatment for addiction, it is best to seek help however you can. If you do have the opportunity to choose a program, then going to one that is designed for women who are coping with domestic violence can help to personalize your care. After undergoing a general health assessment, you’ll have a better idea of all of the factors that influence your behavior. If you have depression or another mental health condition, then you benefit from receiving the proper treatment.

Your treatment program will also introduce a level of predictability to your life that helps to reduce anxiety. After living in a situation where you didn’t know what could happen at any moment, it feels nice to follow a simple schedule that includes nutritious meals, therapy and recreational opportunities. For the first time in a long time, this might be your opportunity to finally focus on your own needs.

Women’s treatment centers include the chance to improve all of the aspects of your life. As a survivor who also struggles with addiction, you might have relationships that need healing. Family counseling is often encouraged in these types of programs so that you can begin to enjoy healthier relationships with your partner, children and other important family members. Most importantly, you’ll feel safe opening up to your counselors and the other people in the program. Feeling supported helps you navigate your way through this challenging time and emerge stronger and more ready to start your new life.

Do you need a program that supports survivors of domestic violence? We’ll help you find one that is designed to fit your needs. Reach out today at 844-639-8371 to start recovering in a safe environment.

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