How Many Times Can I Go to Inpatient Drug Rehab?

When addiction to a substance takes over someone’s life, there’s little they can do to address their problems until they are ready to seek help. In most cases, that first requires the individual reach the point of desperation and admit they have an addiction. Without that admission, it’s difficult to get someone to submit for treatment is a rehab facility.

The good news is when someone is ready to speak up and ask for help, the nation has plenty of quality drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers that are ready to provide help. It’s worth noting that South Florida in particular has more than its fair share of elite treatment centers. So much so the state is known by the moniker “rehab capital of the world.” Once a patient gets into treatment, they face a three-step treatment process. In most cases, the patient will need to go through:

  • A detox program to safely get past cravings and dangerous withdrawal symptoms
  • Intensive therapy and counseling to deal with the causes of addiction
  • Aftercare programs to help them stay on the road of recovery

The real work of treatment occurs during therapy and counseling. It’s here that the patient needs to open up their soul to expose their personal weaknesses. These weaknesses likely serve as the triggers that prompt the abuse of a substance. Once the patient is able to identify their triggers, they stand a good chance of being able to develop the coping skills needed to avoid future relapses. At this point, there should be little doubt addiction treatment requires a lot of work.

Many times, that hard work results in a lasting recovery where the recovering addict returns to the land of the living. Sometimes, life happens and relapses occur. It’s very unfortunate when someone does the work but isn’t able to stay clean. Here’s where people need to use caution. There’s no point in trying to label someone who just relapsed as a failure. The reality is they are attempting to navigate life while also living under the thumb of an insidious disease called addiction. What they really need is continuing support and a path to immediately get back into treatment.

How Many Times Can I Go to Inpatient Drug Rehab?

The very idea someone would ask this question is very encouraging. It confirms the idea the individual knows where to turn when trouble arises. If you are dealing with relapse issues, you do need to get back into treatment as soon as possible. It still is and always will be the only viable option you have to somehow beat your addiction. As far as how many times you can go through an inpatient addiction treatment program, the simple answer is as many times as it takes until you are finally able to resume living a normal life without having to scrounge to get drugs and/or alcohol. If you have to submit to multiple stints in inpatient rehab to find recovery, here’s three things you need to know.

You Can Never Give Up

Dealing with addiction is like going to war with yourself. Further complicating the matter is the fact treatment is the only defense you have. You can never give up the battle. I you have to spend years in rehab, you have to keep fighting the good fight. The only other alternative is losing to yourself and addiction.

You Can Expect Increasingly Intensive Treatment Modalities

From the treatment center’s perspective, some part of your past treatment programs needs to be adjusted. It makes no sense to continue using the exact same treatment methods if relapses are occurring. It’s incumbent on the addiction treatment professionals to continually adjust their treatment methods until they land on what works.

Leave Shame and Guilt at the Door

If at all possible, don’t beat up on yourself for a relapse. Addiction is a powerful disease. If you struggle to stay clean, you are simply being human. If you can set aside feelings of guilt and shame for relapsing, it will help you stay focused on the next stint in rehab where you can continue doing the hard work until you finally break the chains that bind you. Remember, you can go through inpatient treatment as many times as you need until you are free. For more information about our elite addiction treatment services, we recommend you speak with one of our staff member at the following number, 844-639-8371.

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