What To Do When an Online Quiz Tells You that You Need Addiction Rehab

Drug and alcohol abuse are baffling and perplexing sicknesses. Addiction can take an otherwise normal life and turn it upside down. People, who would normally be responsibly motivated persons, watch as their lives spiral out of control.

Dozens of tests for substance abuse have been created. While they may not provide any guarantees, they should be taken seriously. So, what do you do if you answered all the questions in an online quiz and the results say you need addiction rehab? Here are a few answers that can help you sort out the confusion.

Take the Test Results Seriously

The first thing to caution against is to wrongly feel that there must have been a mistake. Addiction and alcoholism are progressive in their nature. The problem will compound upon itself. Many are fortunate enough to seek help before the consequences become too overwhelming.

However, many do not. Of those who failed to get treatment before serious consequences wrecked their lives, most initially declined to accept that they had a problem. When you’ve completed an online quiz honestly, and it gives an indication you may have a substance abuse problem, take the results seriously.

Do Not Make Excuses

When suggested they may have a drug or alcohol problem, the next stage that many alcoholics and addicts will leap to is to rationalize why they use. You may feel no one understands how tough your life is, or how overbearing your life circumstances are.

Nearly everyone in recovery has heard the reference, that you’d drink and use too if you had your life. Avoiding the problem by making excuses for your substance abuse is a telltale sign of an addiction problem. If any test or quiz, online or otherwise, suggests you have a substance abuse problem, do not make excuses for why the results might be accurate.

Seek Professional Advice

This is the most important thing you must do if you’ve taken an online quiz, and it points to a possible substance abuse problem. As mentioned, alcoholism and drug addiction are baffling in their nature. They are two sicknesses that will try to tell you that you’re not sick.

There is only one way to confirm the results of any self-test that tells you that you might have an addiction problem. Discuss the results of the quiz with a professional. Knowledgeable drug and alcohol abuse counselors can do much more than simply go over the results with you.

When you sit down with a drug and alcohol counselor, you must be 100% open and honest. Your identity and all the information you share are confidential. Unless you are a potential risk to yourself or others, you won’t have to accept any of the counselor’s advice or suggestions.

However, you would do well to take their advice seriously. A professional substance abuse counselor can begin to assess at what level of danger your addiction may be at. While no addiction is healthy, there are individuals who, through helpful outpatient treatment programs, can recover.

When addiction has progressed to potentially dangerous levels, they may recommend you immediately enter the safe environment of a detox center. Trying to detox alone is not only ill-advised, it can be life threatening.

Admit Yourself into a Medical Facility

If you’ve taken an online quiz and it says you need treatment, but you cannot forego drinking or using even long enough to speak to a counselor, check yourself into a medical facility. Rather than harm yourself or someone else, get yourself off the streets and into a safe environment.

When you admit yourself into a medical facility for drug addiction or alcoholism, your privacy is the same as if you spoke to a counselor. Once you’re in a place where you can longer potentially do harm to yourself, the facility can make referrals and guide you to the next step to get you the treatment you need.

If you’ve completed an online quiz that says you may need help with your addiction, seek professional advice. Take the results seriously and do not make excuses when you don’t like what they say. You may have a substance abuse problem, and then again you may not. Contact us today and speak with one of our caring and compassionate staff about your options.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. The consequences of untreated drug abuse or alcoholism will compound themselves. Do yourself a favor. If you’ve failed an online drug or alcohol abuse quiz, call now. Not tomorrow, not next week, or next month. Pick up the phone and callĀ 844-639-8371 to ask for help. Your life may depend on this one decision.

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