Encouraging Your Spouse to Enter A Drug Rehab Center in Florida

A strong relationship relies on good communication, but some subjects can be hard to talk about with someone that you care for deeply. Drug addiction is one of those topics that can sometimes get heated, and it is common for people to deny that they have a problem. As the partner of someone who is misusing substances, you might have already noticed the signs of addiction in your spouse’s behavior.

They might be spending large amounts of time under the influence of drugs, and their erratic behavior might even be threatening the health of your relationship. Encouraging your spouse to enter a drug rehab center in Florida is easier to accomplish when you have this road map to follow.

How to Talk to Your Spouse About Going to a Drug Rehab Center

The first thing you’ll need to know is that there are ways to make difficult topics easier to cover. Before you open up a discussion with your spouse, make sure to take these important steps.

  • Make sure they are sober
  • Check to make sure you are in a private location
  • Consider their overall mood and receptiveness
  • Ask yourself if a formal intervention could help
  • Remember to keep things positive

Although it might be tempting to point out your spouse’s addiction when they are acting erratically or actively using drugs in front of you, this method can backfire. When your loved one is under the influence of drugs, they might not be able to see your reasoning.

In a worst case scenario, they could be violent. If possible, wait for your spouse to be sober enough that they’ll be able to listen to what you say and remember enough to think about it later. When you are ready to talk, making sure that you are able to speak in a comfortable and private location helps them to open up. However, you might need to arrange for a more formal intervention if one-on-one conversations have not led to a breakthrough in the past.

Highlight the Benefits of Seeking Treatment in Florida

Once you’ve got your spouse’s full attention and possibly even an admission that they do need help, you’re ready to move to the next step of helping them to get into a treatment program. Fortunately, Florida drug rehab centers have a lot to offer regarding emphasizing the positives of going to one in this state. The prospect of recovering in a bright and sunny location is hard to resist, even for someone who is struggling with an addiction.

Florida rehabs also have some of the highest success rates in the world, which can help your spouse enter treatment with the mindset they need to get sober. If you live in Florida, then you can talk to your spouse about how helpful it will be to start their recovery close to home. If you live out-of-state, then this is also a great chance to turn getting sober into an adventure. Traveling for rehab instantly helps to generate a sense of change within the brain that can jumpstart recovery.

Explain How You’ll Support Their Recovery

Many people worry about losing their loved one if they need to spend a large amount of time away. While you might need to be separated from your loved one for a short time, you should be able to look forward to strengthening your relationship.

Couples therapy is commonly used in drug addiction treatment, which can help to bring you both closer together. Explaining to your spouse that you are eager to play a role in their healing while also mending any issues in your relationship can help them to see that their going to rehab is a team effort. In addition to making an emotional appeal, your spouse might respond well to you also addressing any practicalities that are involved.

For instance, letting them know that you’ll be able to handle child or pet care while they are away can bring them a sense of relief. Working out a step-by-step plan for how you’ll handle their usual responsibilities during their time away can give them a sense of control and overall peace that makes it easier to enter a program. Are you looking for a drug rehab center in Florida that can help your spouse recover from addiction? Give us a call at 844-639-8371. We’ll help you find one that offers a program that gets your spouse excited about going to treatment.

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