Where Can I Find A Meth Detox Center Near Me?

Meth is one of the most dangerously addictive products available in the world of illegal drugs. In no small part, the biggest dangers of meth come from the extreme pleasure and power the drug gives. Because meth produces such a strong pleasure response, many people who use it only once start to suffer from the loss of the drug.

Long before your body needs it again, your brain and spirit will be aching for it? Where can I find a meth detox center near me? While meth overloads the pleasure centers of the brain, like opiates, the detox from meth will take less time. While opiates can take up to 10 days to clear from your system, meth generally takes less than a week to leave your tissues. However, the long-term damage the product creates can mean that fully detoxing from meth will put more pressure on your mind and spirit than the physical detox. If at all possible, strive to enter long term inpatient detox and rehab to fully battle your meth addiction.

Repairing Your Body, Brain and Mind

When meth hits your bloodstream, your blood vessels constrict while your heart rate rises. This can lead to a sense of extreme energy, boosting your adrenaline levels to dangerous heights. Over time, abuse of this drug can cause irreparable damage to your heart muscle. Worse, many who abuse meth also have dangerously high cholesterol levels, which can do long-term damage to your entire circulatory system. While meth is firing up your heart, it can damage your immune system.

Should you have a history of injecting meth, you may actually be at risk of not only passing infections around among other users, but you can develop an infection at the injection site and have no power to fight it. Meth is highly toxic. Once it’s in your system, the organs that filter your blood and manage waste will be under a great deal of pressure. Your cleansing organs will be working extremely hard to shed the meth in your system or at least filter out your toxins. When you enter detox, the function of these organs will need to be assessed and monitored, including your

  • kidneys
  • gut
  • liver

Your teeth and gums will also suffer drastically as you increase your meth use, leading to a condition commonly known as “meth mouth.” Finally, meth cause skin irritation. Many meth users develop open sores on their skin and scalp, both because the skin is irritated and because they pick at the irritation relentlessly.

Redirecting Your Brain

As you seek out treatment, look for a facility that can offer you in-depth mental health care. Because meth hits your pleasure centers so hard, the results may include a sense of despair when your dosages drop. The struggle of meth detox is often made more difficult by a sense of hopelessness and emptiness. Unlike addictions that can take years to build up into a level of use that turns to an obsession, meth addiction hits fast and rides hard.

Many in the detox and treatment industry are shocked at how quickly a novice user can become a hard-core addict. Remember that addiction is a disease of the mind. Once you have a meth addiction as your survival focus, many other important relationships can fail. You may find that you

  • neglect your children
  • disregard your spouse
  • steal from family
  • become completely untrustworthy

It should be stated that meth doesn’t make you a horrible person, but it will make you desperate for more of the drug. Your need will be overwhelming and your choices may land you in legal trouble.

Refocusing Your Mind

To fully detox and find an effective treatment for meth addiction, you will need to

  • undergo a monitored detox
  • receive a full physical assessment and treatment plan to repair the damage
  • undergo both drug and psychological counseling

If your family connections are willing and able to help, be aware that you will likely need to break off all ties with friends and family that you used with. The lure of this drug is far too strong to be in the presence of it again. Be prepared, through your rehab team, to start fresh and build new community. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 844-639-8371.

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