What do you need to take with you to an addiction treatment center?

Soon you will be checking in to rehab and waving goodbye to addiction for good. But, before you set off, you have to gear up for the path ahead. Packing for your stay can be a bit confusing because while you are responsible for packing along some things, others will be provided by the facility. Not to mention, there are a ton of items that you will need to leave behind. To clear things up for you a bit, here is what you need to bring with you to rehab.

Wardrobe Items to Bring Along

When it comes to dress code, play it safe and try not to over pack. As a rule of thumb, pack about a week’s worth of clothes to wear throughout the week, about three dress-up outfits for outings and visit days, and pajamas or comfortable clothes to get you through the nighttime. Be sure to pack for the weather, and grab a sweater or cardigan just in case your facility gets chilly from time to time.

Rehab facilitators have a duty to ensure that all guests feel comfortable and respected throughout their stay, so be prepared to follow a reasonable but strict dress code. For example, garments that are too revealing might be seen as inappropriate, so go for a more modest wardrobe. Also, items that show profanity or any type of offensive language will be prohibited. If you need more guidance on what is regarded as inappropriate, contact your facility directly.

Acceptable Beauty Products and Toiletries

When shopping for beauty products, choose alcohol-free items. Alcohol-free products are often a requirement, but some centers will permit certain formulas as long as alcohol isn’t listed as one of the main three ingredients. Aerosol products are another one that might not make it beyond facility doors.

Hygiene products will vary from person to person, so it is up to you to figure out what you will ultimately need during your rehab days. To make matters simpler, grab the items that you use on a daily basis, like deodorant, a tooth brush and tube of toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, a comb or brush, body wash or soap, and anything else that you might need to groom yourself properly. If you happen to leave something behind or run out of a product before the end of your stay, don’t worry. There will be occasional store runs to help you stock up, so bring some petty cash just in case.

Other Essential Items to Pack

Speaking of petty cash, you should bring about 100 dollars to make small purchases. To avoid theft or big losses, it is advised that you not bring too much more than that. Make sure to pack a valid form of identification, your insurance card, and a payment method to take care of any medication that you need refilled. By the way, if you do have prescribed medication, bring the original bottles as they won’t be allowed in otherwise. If you take supplements or vitamins of any kind, you must bring an unopened bottle for them to be permitted.

Feel free to pack personal items to make your stay more pleasant and enjoyable, like notebooks or journals, pictures of your loved ones, or a couple of your favorite books. Bear in mind that all books and magazines must be appropriate, so leave behind erotic reading material, pornography, or anything profane. Also, if you plan on reaching out to friends or family, make a list of their phone numbers and addresses.

Things That Are Likely Prohibited

As technology can be distracting to the recovery process, cellphone use might be strictly prohibited. The same goes for other electronic devices, so check with your facility before bringing them in. Other items to leave behind are outside foods and drinks, candles, lighters, weapons, and all drug-related paraphernalia.

Please keep in mind that while facilitators will do everything they can to prevent theft, things happen, and they might not be able to safeguard all of your belongings. So, for your own good, leave any valuables at home unless you are planning to have them on your person at all times.

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