Will Florida Drug Rehabilitation Give Me the Tools I Need to Get Better?

Drug addiction ruins lives. In addition to depleting your health, dependency on drugs can destroy your personal relationships, your career, and even your will to live. The good news is that hope and help are always readily at hand. When you attend Florida drug rehabilitation, you can get the tools you need for getting better and staying that way.

When people try to quit drugs on their own, their goals are often very short-term. They simply want to make it through the detoxification process with the assumption that their lives and their ability to cope with life will automatically get better. Conversely, Florida drug treatment centers understand that long-term success in sobriety merely starts with detox. As such, they place a strong emphasis on skill-building, life-planning, and therapy among other things. With these efforts, people can learn better coping skills and can start preparing for healthy, balanced lives, and the ongoing ability to remain drug-free.

What To Expect When Attending Florida Drug Rehab

Unless you’ve completed the detoxification process before attending, Florida drug rehab will always start with detox and withdrawal. This is the first and most important step in achieving sobriety and reclaiming your life. Medical professionals will remain on hand throughout these efforts to ensure that you’re as safe and comfortable as you can possibly be. With long-term, residential treatment, you’ll have the benefit of detoxing in-house and away from the many outside triggers and temptations that have made quitting so difficult before. You won’t have to worry about dealing with personal and professional responsibilities or navigating complex and challenging relationships. Instead, you can place your entire focus on getting well.

Once your detoxification is complete, you’ll take part in both group and individual counseling to learn more about the root causes of your addiction and to start building new coping skills. During group therapy sessions, you will have the opportunity to discuss triggers and temptations with other patients who are experiencing the same struggles and fighting the same battles. During individual therapy, you can talk about past traumas, early behavioral conditioning, and other psychological factors that may be contributing to your addiction. Therapy in the treatment environment is designed to promote healing and recovery. It also challenges patients to start looking at their lives in a new way, and to start planning and preparing for lasting success.

Addressing Co-Occurring Disorders In The Treatment Environment

One of the top ways in which Florida drug rehabilitation prepares people for long-term success in sobriety is by identifying the underlying factors that may be responsible for their addictions. For some people, this can be as simple as having a low sense of self-worth and needing a substance to feel more sociable and comfortable. For others, addiction has its root in underlying mental health issues that have yet to be diagnosed and properly treated. In these instances, many patients are using alcohol or illicit drugs to self-treat. For example, they may be using drugs to alleviate the symptoms of chronic depression or anxiety. When co-occurring disorders are identified and professionally treated, this eliminates the need for patients to self-medicate and ultimately sets the stage for lasting sobriety and overall wellness.

Getting Ready For The Outside World

Numerous studies have shown that recovering addicts have the highest likelihood of success when attending drug rehab programs that are designed to last three months or longer. Throughout the formative stages of healing and recovery, this takes patients out of unhealthy environments and away from the stresses and triggers that could lead to relapse. It also allows for sufficient time to build essential life skills for thriving in the real world once the program has ended.

While you’re learning new coping skills during your time in Florida drug rehabilitation, you will also take part in long-term life planning. This is planning that will help you become self-sufficient and stable in your own right. It will additionally connect you with the ongoing support that you’ll need for maintaining your sobriety post-treatment. You’ll be working with counselors who can assist you in establishing feasible and exciting career and housing goals, and who can also help you identify the best resources for bolstering and protecting your sobriety. If you’re tired of letting addiction rule you life, we can help. Call us now at 844-639-8371.

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