Can People of Any Age Go to a Florida Center for Recovery?

Addiction strikes people of all ages. While many people first experiment with drugs or alcohol in their teens, you might not have developed a full blown addiction until the later years in life. Some people start drinking excessively during their college years when social pressures make it seem innocent. Others may not develop a drug problem until their senior years when they begin to misuse their painkillers as an attempt to escape from chronic pain.

You are welcome to attend a Florida Center for recovery at any age, although we do focus our services on adults over the age of 18. Seeking treatment in an adults-only environment allows you to focus on the issues that commonly affect people that are living independently with an addiction. Although the experiences with addiction can vary significantly among people from the ages of 18 and up, you’ll find that there is something that you can gain from being around a group of mixed-aged adults.

Benefits of Attending a Rehab for Adults

Your recovery begins as soon as you walk through our rehab center’s doors. Once you are admitted to the program, you quickly get to work going to counseling and therapy sessions. During your daily routine, you will spend time with other adults who struggle with similar issues. Talking to people who are on your same level helps to increase the effectiveness of your therapy. For instance, you may learn from another young professional strategies that help you stay sober during networking events. Alternatively, you may discover that you are not the only parent who turns to addiction to cope with the challenges that come with raising your special needs child.

Rehab programs often serve as an equalizer. It is within those safe walls that you feel comfortable opening up in a confidential environment. Attending therapy with other adults allows you to speak freely about the issues that impact your life and desire to use drugs or alcohol. While you are expected to respect everyone’s comfort level, you can talk about the impact of drugs or alcohol on your marriage, career and friendships without feeling judged.

How Addiction Recovery Programs Treat Different Life Stages

During your stay, you will quickly notice that people attend rehab from all different walks of life. Here, you will find students, parents and professionals. You will also find senior adults mingling with younger people who are still going to college. While there are benefits to attending rehab with all of these different age groups, your treatment team also knows that you may be at a different life stage from other people.

A large portion of your time in rehab is spent in individual counseling sessions. These sessions help you to focus on the specific issues that impact your addiction. You might prefer to talk about issues that you feel are private or potentially embarrassing in these one-on-one sessions. Group therapy sessions may also be available. These sometimes have specific topics that pertain to a life stage. During your treatment, you may choose to focus on attending therapy sessions where you discuss these types of issues that arise at different points of your life.

  • work-related challenges
  • parenting issues
  • chronic health conditions and pain
  • grief and loss
  • mental health issues such as depression

Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Treatment Program

Your mindset has a strong influence over how well the treatment program helps you overcome your addiction. Try to adopt the viewpoint that you have something that you can learn from everyone. That younger adult may have a few tricks to show you regarding how to get your body into better shape in the gym, or a senior may be eager to give you a few tips about how to navigate through your next networking event without a drink in your hand. Being willing to learn from others helps you enhance the care that you receive from our professional counselors.

You also want to remember that you also have things to contribute in a mixed group setting. In rehab, you get to choose how much you want to share, but your participation in the shared parts of the program is important. From offering encouraging words to a new person joining the program to jumping in on a basketball game, you have something positive that you can contribute to the mixed age environment.

You are never too young or too old to seek treatment for an addiction. In fact, the best time to begin your treatment is right now. Are you ready to start a new life that is full of health and happiness? Give our team a call today at 844-639-8371!

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