Will a Drug Addiction Detox Center Help Me Without an Appointment?

If you think about it, rare is the time an addiction sufferer will make plans to stop using and get help at some point in the future. It just doesn’t happen that way. What usually drives the addiction sufferer to wave the white flag against their addiction is something called “hitting rock bottom.”

Rock bottom is a place people go when their lives are filled with total despair. Family and friends have abandoned them. Their in trouble with he law. They have lost their jobs and face losing their homes, ending up on the streets. Health issues are reaching critical mass. These are the circumstances that typically cause addiction sufferers to take pause and think about making significant changes in their lives.

When the time comes for someone to fight back against their addiction, there’s usually a sense of urgency to them doing so. Why is that? First, the simple act of ceasing to take drugs or drink alcohol is going to immediately result in some rather significant withdrawal symptoms. Second, there’s a real possibility that whatever has gone wrong in their life, it’s something that needs to be addresses sooner rather than later.

So, what’s the next step? The ability for someone to admit they have an addiction illness is a step in the right direction. The next step in getting oneself into treatment. However, it’s important to handle things in the right order. That usually means getting help with the detox process.

Will a Drug Addiction Detox Center Help Me Without an Appointment?

The addiction treatment community is well aware of the fact addiction sufferers don’t have time to make appoints to come in at some designated point in the future. Everything involving addiction is surrounded by that sense of urgency. For that reason, addiction treatment centers keep their doors open 24/7. The only two reason why someone might not be able to get services right away is if that individual lacks the financial resources to pay for rehab or the rehab simply has no space. If it’s the latter issue, most rehabs will refer the individual to another facility.

This is pretty much the rule of thumb within the industry. Yes, it also applies to detox facilities that face the most pressure to provide services as quickly as possible. For a better understanding of why a detox center would need to make a quick decision about treatment, take a look at this list of potential withdrawal symptoms that typically affect people with significant opiate addiction:

  • severe muscle cramps in the stomach region
  • Inability to breath properly
  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate
  • Nightmares and hallucinations
  • Body convulsions and tremors in the extremities
  • Inability to manage body functions
  • An increase in depression and anxiety

Clearly, the client is facing a significant issue as withdrawal sets in. The detox center has to act as fast as possible.

The Detox Process

Once a client is admitted into a detox center, they are placed in a medically monitored detox program. The goal of these programs is to keep clients safe and comfortable for the duration of their withdrawal issues. While it would be nice if a client could clear their withdrawal symptoms without medication, that’s not always possible. That’s why the detox facility’s medical staff will be standing by to prescribe any relief medications they deem necessary to keep a client from suffering.

The detox process will typically require five to seven days of treatment. Once completed, the client will be ready to deal with the rigors of therapy.

About Therapy

Therapy is the meat and potatoes of addiction treatment. It is here that client will get a chance to work with counselors on a quest to learn more about their addiction. The goal is simple, find the root causes behind the addiction sufferer’s need to harm themselves with drugs or alcohol. If the root causes can be identified, that will become the basis for the client to develop ways to protect themselves from the triggers and temptation that drive them to abuse their substance of choice.

The first thing you need to concern yourself with is finding a rehab or detox center that has the resources to help you. We may well be your best option. If you need more information about how we can help you find recovery, our staff is available by phone 24/7 at 844-639-8371.

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