Do Opiate Detox Facilities Help with Detox from Multiple Substances at Once?

Making the decision to quit opiates is one of the best choices you will ever make. Opiate addiction can ruin your life, along with the lives of your loved ones. Checking into a reputable detox facility is the best way to get your life back on track quickly. It won’t be an easy process, but it will be a choice that you will never regret making.

However, you may be addicted to several substances at once and are worried how you will be taken care of during treatment. Don’t worry- opiate detox facilities do have the ability to help you detox from multiple substances at once. In fact, they are completely used to handling patients who come in using multiple drugs. If this is the case for your situation, read on to learn more.

What to Expect From the Intake Process

Once you have decided to participate in rehab you will first sit down and talk to an intake specialist. They will find out what substances you have been using, how long you have been on them, and when you used last. Don’t be afraid to tell them that you are using multiple substances at once and that you need to detox from them at the same time. They will bring in a doctor to set up a treatment plan that is based on your personal needs. You’ll also decide how long you can stay and settle up any payment requirements you may have with the facility.

What is the Process for Multiple Drug Dependencies?

Your doctor will likely figure out which substance you are most dependent on and tailor your detox experience around it. They will take into consideration the severity of withdrawal symptoms that each substance produces and go from there. Whichever substance produces the most severe withdrawal symptoms, especially when they could be fatal, will be the ones treated first. For example, sedative and alcohol can produce symptoms that can be fatal, so these two may be treated first if that is what you have been using.

Typically, sedative withdrawal will be given top priority if you have been using multiple substances. Any opioid dependencies will be taken care of next. If you have been using stimulants, inhalants, marijuana, or hallucinogens, you’ll be treated for these substances last.

Remember, most rehab facilities have the ability to address multiple substance abuse problems at one time. Make sure you are open and honest when you are talking with your counselors and doctors. Only then can they treat you in the best way possible.

Medications Used in Detox

Medications are used in roughly 80% of all detoxifications to decrease the craving for drugs and alcohols. During detox, you will be medically monitored day and night to check that your symptoms are not severe. You should expect to have your vitals monitored often to make sure your body is handling the detox properly. Your doctors will make sure that your most severe addiction is treated first. Then, they will take care of the substance use that has done the least damage. You’ll be given lots of rest, relaxation, and care. Some rehabs offer holistic therapies that can help you through the worst of the withdrawal symptoms. These could include yoga, meditation, and chiropractic care.

What Happens in Rehab

Once you are through the process of detox you’ll start fully participating in everything rehab has to offer:

Individual therapy- If you are dealing with any mental health issues, now is the time to bring them up. Dual diagnosis therapy will address any mental health problems that may be one of the reasons you choose to use drugs or alcohol.

Group therapy- Most rehab centers get patients together to partake in group therapy. This is a chance for patients to bond with one another, discuss challenges and triggers, and come up with solutions.

Family therapy- When the time is right your therapist will allow your family to visit. Family therapy is helpful for patients who may be dealing with family issues that are often exacerbated by their drug use.

Volunteer work- Some facilities offer volunteer work that helps pass the time for patients and gives them a sense of purpose. You may be given the chance to volunteer during your time in rehab.

When You’re Ready, So Are We

It’s time to take your life back. Even if you are addicted to multiple substances, we can help. Give us a call today at 844-639-8371 to find out how we can treat your multiple addictions.

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