Why Do Alcohol Treatment Centers in Florida Focus on Alcoholism?

If you’re seeking help for an addiction, you have every right to pursue an alcohol treatment center. However, if you are honest about having problems with drugs over alcohol, do not be surprised if you’re encouraged to consider a facility that more closely targets your addiction.

Alcohol treatment centers in Florida can address addictive behavior that includes drugs and alcohol. But there are some key reasons as to why there is a more direct focus on alcoholism. Let’s explore an explanation of why alcohol treatment centers in Florida do focus more on alcoholism.

Alcohol Is Legal

One important aspect of alcohol, as opposed to other substances, is that it’s legal. Of course, there are laws against underage drinking. However, if you are of legal drinking age, no one can legally stop you from buying it.

While it may seem like common sense, the idea that alcohol is available on the shelves at supermarkets and convenience stores exposes a different set of triggers. With such easy access to alcohol, treatment centers cannot ignore this fact. Alcohol being legal is compounded by the public perception of alcohol.

Alcohol Is Lionized

Illegal drugs do not have marketing campaigns designed to improve sales and profits. On the other hand, alcohol has been portrayed as fix-all for life’s perpetuating problems. The right brand of alcoholic beverage will make you a better dancer or a sexier person.

The use of alcohol to unwind or wind up has promoted as acceptable behavior. This lionization of alcohol can be problematic for someone who suffers from alcoholism. Combine the fact that it’s legal and readily available, alcoholics cannot simply turn off these triggers.

The idea that alcohol is accepted in society puts substance abuse professionals in a difficult spot. Treatment centers cannot focus on the bad perception of alcohol like they can with illicit drugs. Because of this idolization of alcohol use, rehabs must target alcohol more directly than other substances.

Alcohol Is Commonly Abused

Because alcohol is readily available, legal, and drinking is portrayed as a socially glamorous activity, alcohol is the most commonly abused drug in the world. Drinking is accepted in most cultures around the world.

There are countless situations, such as in motion pictures, where excessive use of alcohol is characterized as funny. When you consider how many commercials there are, how many pages of printed magazines have full-page advertisements, it’s not difficult to appreciate how many people drink.

The problem is when you cross the line and can no longer drink with impunity. There are no specific rules or guidelines to warn you when you dangerously approach that line, the one where drinking is a problem, and you become an alcoholic.

Because of this casual portrayal of alcohol use and the magnitude that it is commercially promoted, it isn’t surprising that alcohol is the most commonly abused drug. Just the sheer number of people who list alcohol as their drug of choice, or who mix alcohol with other drugs, it’s not surprising that alcohol treatment centers focus on alcohol.

Alcoholics Identify

The fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous has long stood by its insistence on a singular purpose. That purpose is never to turn anyone away seeking help. It will never happen, as that violates the fellowship’s tradition more than it would if you identified as a drug addict and not an alcoholic.

A problem can arise when it comes to identifying with a fellow alcoholic. There are thousands of people who struggle with alcohol commercials or navigating their way through a grocery aisle loaded with an assortment of alcoholic beverages.

Someone who may suffer from another form of substance abuse may feel totally immune to seeing a bottle of booze on TV. It is this direct sense of identification that keeps fellowships like Alcoholics Anonymous and alcohol treatment centers intently focused on alcohol.

If you think you have a problem with alcohol, you should definitely consider an alcohol treatment center for help. No matter what type of substance abuse issues you may have there is help available. While an alcohol treatment center may not be your number one choice, treatment should be.

Help is available to overcome any type of substance addiction, including and especially alcohol. Alcohol treatment centers focus on alcohol for the reasons we mentioned. Before you discover you have a problem as a result of serious consequences, ask for help today. No matter what substance you have problems with, waiting until tomorrow could be too late. Call us today at 844-639-8371.

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