How Can Alcohol Rehab Centers In Florida Draw Attention To Widespread Alcohol Abuse?

Alcoholism is a serious problem that continues to plague the United States. Fortunately, rehab facilities might not only play an important role in helping addicts overcome such dependencies but in drawing public attention to this ever-burgeoning issue.

Statistics About Alcohol Abuse

There are many starting statistics about the prevalence of alcohol abuse in America today. However, few may be more jarring than a fact recently stated by the Centers For Disease Control, which is often abbreviated as the CDC.

The agency concluded that more than 88,000 Americans die from alcoholism or some alcohol-induced illness annually. These numbers place alcohol abuse as amongst the top preventable causes of death in the United States. Only cigarette smoking and sedentary lifestyles are said to carry greater mortality rates.

Chronic alcohol abuse is notorious for damaging a dependent’s liver. However, medical researchers also maintain that the substance may exercise a negative influence over other critical bodily systems including:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Digestive
  • Respiratory
  • Oral cavity

Furthermore, continued alcohol ingestion has been known to weaken nerve function and precipitate various neurological and cognitive concerns. Additionally, the chemical has been linked to an increase risk of developing various forms of cancer.

The Reasons Alcohol Abuse Is So Widespread

Researchers maintain alcohol abuse is so widespread for several key reasons:

Easy Access

Alcohol is amongst the easiest drugs to access. The drug is readily purchasable by anyone 21 and older. Moreover, those under 21 often obtain the drug at college frat parties, at the homes of friends, or simply by raiding the liquor cabinets inside their parental homes.


Not only is alcohol accessible but available in a plethora of locations. Liquor stores are prevalent even in small towns.

That said, beer and wine are sold everywhere from major supermarkets to tiny mom and pop shops. Furthermore, those meeting age requirements can routinely drop into their favorite bar or tavern and imbibe on whatever drink satisfies their desires.


Alcohol is far cheaper than most mind-altering substances. Therefore, individuals do not typically suffer any severe financial consequences by investing in said product.


Alcoholic beverages are often a fixture in several social or professional settings.

Peer Pressure

A appreciable percentage of persons other individuals encounter enjoy drinking. Therefore, some might feel the pressure to go along with such behavior.

Ways Rehab Centers Can Draw Attention To The Problem

Most people realize that treatment facilities execute an important role in helping dependents beat their alcohol addictions. However, a significant number of individuals might not know that said establishments could also play a crucial part in making the public aware of just how serious an issue alcoholism is.

Such entities might be able to accomplish this pertinent task through efforts such as:

Reporting Statistics

Treatment centers could raise public awareness by reporting the statistics regarding:

  • How many individuals enter treatment each year
  • The percentage of patients who successfully complete inpatient programs
  • Recidivism rates
  • How well a program graduate is doing at varying intervals following their release

This dats illustrates the significance and prevalence of alcohol abuse but also demonstrates that addicts can receive treatment and overcome such problems.

Community Outreach Programs

Rehab centers might choose to partake in community outreach efforts. Unfortunately, the concept of rehab is still taboo to many people. Moreover, treatment facilities are often thought of as mysterious places working with blatantly irresponsible or deviant folks.

The reality could not be more different. Many fail to realize that addiction is a disease and rehab facility patients are not flawed, mentally unstable, or malfeasant subjects. Rather, they have a disease and spend time in such establishments to receive the necessary therapy.

By promoting such attitudes, rehab centers might not only raise awareness about alcoholism but illustrate that the malady can be properly treated and those once stricken can again become healthy, productive citizens.

Educational Programs

Treatment centers may opt to work in conjunction with public schools and universities to create educational programs geared towards instructing young people on the potential dangers of alcohol abuse.

Reaching Out To Us

Our southern Florida understands the severity of the widespread societal issue known as alcohol abuse. We boast a solid track record of helping dependents overcome this challenging addiction.

However, we also realize rehab centers have a responsibility to draw attention to the problem. This is a duty we take quite seriously and continually partake in public awareness efforts.

If you are currently dealing with alcohol dependency or are a family member or some other close association of a struggling subject, please reach out to us. Call us today at 844-639-8371.

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