Where Can I Find Alcohol Rehab Centers Fort Meyers if I’m Between 18 and 21?

Substance abuse is affecting younger people more every year; marijuana, vaping and alcohol are especially common among adolescents and college-age adults. Peer pressure, mental illness and difficulties at home can cause many young people to develop a drinking problem early in life; if you’re looking for help in Fort Meyers, Florida, then there are several different options to consider.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Go to Rehab?

As 18 is the legal age in the United States, you will be able to attend a rehab program. Although the legal drinking age is 21, national statistics on substance abuse include people as young as 12. You may have been drinking since you were in middle school, and just because you are under the legal drinking age doesn’t mean you don’t need treatment. Maybe you’ve been mandated to receive treatment for alcohol abuse after being charged with minor possession. Whether you want to get help on your own or are being prompted by a court, treatment starts in most rehabs at 18, and there are also many facilities that offer programs for teens.

Alcohol Rehab Centers for Young Adults

Every age group has its own unique challenges. Young adults are often faced with anxiety about the future, they may struggle with their gender identity or sexuality and they might feel isolated as they attempt to establish their own beliefs and value systems outside of the home. Drinking as a young adult, especially in a culture that promotes binging and heavy partying, can be life-threatening in so many ways. Physically, you’re at risk for dying from alcohol poisoning or a car accident, but psychologically, you’ll also begin to suffer. You may not even think you’re old enough to have an addiction, but it can happen at any age. Getting help as early as possible sets you up for the best outcome.

Young adult rehab programs in Florida are specifically designed to provide the type of information and resources you need at this stage in your life. You may also be interested in looking for rehabs that offer treatment for specific mental illnesses, like anxiety or eating disorders, or a particular type of care, such as trauma therapy or LGBTQ+ rehab. The internet is the best place to start your search; reading reviews for rehabs from past patients will help you get a good idea of what each one is like and which program is right for you. The internet is the best place to start your search; reading reviews for rehabs from past patients will help you get a good idea of what each one is like and which program is right for you. If you’re reading this, you’re already at the right place to find treatment.

Are You Too Young to Get Sober?

You might wonder whether there’s any real hope for you right now. If you started partying and drinking as a teen, you might feel like what you were doing was just normal kid stuff, and that you’re having fun and will grow out of it eventually. As annoying as it is to hear, the habits you form as a young adult tend to stick with you. That means that using alcohol as a crutch will not just dissolve as you get older. If anything, it will get worse, and you’ll find yourself struggling to make it through college, get a job and become anything you want to be. Life with a substance abuse problem is smaller. The longer you drink or use, the harder it is to see life beyond that. Getting help when you’re young may mean you’re going to relapse, but there are people who don’t enter rehab until they’re in their 60s and do the same. What really matters is how you feel about getting help. If you want to stop drinking, and if being sober is important to you, then you’re not too young to for treatment.

Can My Parents Help Me Pay for Rehab?

If you’re on your parents’ health insurance plan, then you’ll most likely have some type of coverage for your alcohol treatment. You may decide to go to outpatient rehab. which takes place in weekly meetings, or inpatient, where you live at the rehab for a certain period of time. The full cost of rehab will vary depending on the type of treatment, how long your program is and your insurance provider. If you are homeless or don’t have insurance, that’s okay. We can help you connect with a Fort Meyers rehab that offers financial assistance and can even help you get into a housing program. There is always a way to get help.

Going to Rehab for the Right Reasons

You don’t go to rehab because your parents want you to. You don’t go because the judge told you to, even though you should, because rehab beats prison by a long shot. Rehab is a choice, and you make that choice because part of you cares about living a life beyond alcohol and addiction. If you have any questions about how rehab works and where to get help in Fort Meyers, contact us today at 844-639-8371.

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