How Much Freedom Do You Have When Choosing Outpatient Treatment In Palm Beach?

Outpatient drug rehab programs are known for being a lot less restrictive than most inpatient programs. At these centers, clients have near-total control over how they live their lives from day-to-day, while maintaining constant access to support systems, learning tools, and other essential resources for achieving and maintaining sobriety long-term. These treatment options are generally chosen by people who are confident in their resolve and their ability to get well. They are perfect for anyone with a mild to moderate substance use disorder and a strong outside support system. If you are looking to break your drug addiction but have important professional or familial responsibilities that are preventing you from committing to inpatient treatment, these services could be right for you. In an inpatient treatment center, you may not retain access to your cellphone.

Moreover, you will spend the duration of your treatment in a closed environment with limited visitation from friends and family. Inpatient treatment has an impressively high rate of success given that it effectively removes clients from toxic environments and relationships that may be impeding their sobriety. Once patients have completed significant portions of these programs, and have developed new coping mechanisms for dealing with triggers and other challenges, their personal freedoms will start being restored. Limited access to the outside world, including the removal of mobile phones, is important for both promoting individual success, and for protecting the safety of everyone in the program. People who are best-suited to outpatient care do not require restrictive environments in order to remain committed to their recovery plans.

How To Know If Outpatient Treatment Is Right For You

Outpatient treatment allows patients to continue working their jobs and being present for their families, even as they work on their personal well-being and health. These programs are often recommended for those who are self-managed, have not spent a tremendous amount of time using drugs, and who have not failed in recovery before. If you have struggled with drug rehab in the past, committing to an inpatient program can increase your likelihood of success.

If you have spent several years or decades using drugs, gaining access to a new, drug-free environment may be critical for succeeding in recovery. Finding the right treatment plan for individual needs is something that is done on a case by case basis. Although inpatient treatment has a statistically high rate of success, this does not mean that it is the right choice for everyone. When considering the level of freedom that you’d like to maintain in treatment, however, it is always important to consider the loss of freedom that drug addiction invariably entails. A short stay in an inpatient facility will definitely prove worthwhile if it allows you to rid yourself of the physical and emotional bonds of drug addiction for good.

Outpatient Treatment Is A Multi-Pronged And Ongoing Process

Much like inpatient treatment, outpatient rehab in Palm Beach is designed to be a multi-pronged and ongoing process. The goal is to provide patients with all of the resources they need at each step of their recovery efforts. For instance, you can start your rehab with medically supervised detox that involves a short stay in a professional center. Once your body is free of all drugs and drug residues, you can return home to participate in other aspects of treatment while maintaining your normal day-to-day routines. These can include group therapy sessions, life-planning sessions, individual counseling, and more. You will have access to mentors, accountability coaches, and other peers and professionals who can help you stay motivated and strong.

Many of these support services are similar to the services offered in inpatient rehab. The primary difference is that you will retain the freedom to go home, be with your loved ones, and manage your professional obligations. The absolute best way to ensure your success in recovery is by choosing a program that’s in line with your unique circumstances and needs. People who are surrounded by other users, have multiple toxic relationships, and are constantly exposed to environments in which they might be tempted to use can greatly benefit from the more restrictive nature of inpatient treatment.

Those with substance use disorders who hail from strong, supportive families, and who have relatively limited histories of drug use can achieve great things by choosing to enroll in outpatient treatment. If you want to learn more about your options in Palm Beach drug rehab, we can help. Call us today at 844-639-8371.

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