What is the best drug rehab near me?

When you’ve suffered from an addiction to drugs, it can be challenging to find the help you need to recover. Many people aren’t sure where to look when it comes to obtaining professional services in a safe environment. Drug rehab programs are often available in most locations, making it possible to work towards sobriety and become equipped with the right tools.

You may not know how to find the best drug rehab close to your home. There are several different characteristics of a good drug rehab facility to ensure you can enroll in a program that proves to be beneficial. Here’s how to find the best drug rehab program in the local area.

Understand Your Goals and Needs

Knowing your goals and needs can make it easier to narrow down the best drug rehab programs while browsing through thousands of options. Each rehab program has a different specialty, making it necessary to select a facility that is capable of helping you reach your goals and become sober. You need to know what drugs you want to recover from and any underlying physical conditions that you want to improve. Think about what you consider to be successful, whether it’s to get through the detox process or maintain sobriety for at least six months.

Talk to a Treatment Provider

A treatment provider can explain the various aspects of treatment programs and which ones you can benefit from while starting your search. This can make it easier to browse through thousands of options without becoming overwhelmed as you narrow down the best picks. The treatment provider can offer their recommendations and provide you with information that makes it easier to choose the right facility for your individual needs.

 Consider an Inpatient vs. Outpatient Program

Both inpatient and patient programs are available, making it necessary to decide which one you need. Inpatient programs are more intensive and are an average of 28 days. This requires living at the facility full-time and participating in therapy sessions and activities each day.

Outpatient programs are also an option and are ideal if you can’t get time off of work and have other duties and responsibilities to manage. This gives you the ability to continue living at home while participating in the program.

Inpatient programs are known to have higher success rates, but they are available at a higher cost and require taking time off of work.

You may also want to research if each program offers medication for treating drug dependency, which can make it easier to achieve sobriety and reduce your cravings. There are many facilities that practice the abstinence model, whereas others use naltrexone and methadone to increase retention, especially for more severe cases.

Ask about the success rate of each rehab facility to determine which one can be most beneficial. You’ll need to get an understanding of how they measure their success and how many patients have achieved long-term sobriety after completing the program.

Review the Amenities

Look into the different amenities that are provided by each drug rehab facility to get an idea of which location will offer the most accommodation. Some facilities are similar to resorts and offer gyms, pools, and recreational activities throughout your stay. Other locations offer the basics and are not lavish in the level of comfort they offer.

You should also consider the length of the stay or the program to determine what works with your lifestyle and needs. Programs can be 30, 60, and 90 days. Many specialists recommend finding a program that is 60 to 90 days because the longer timeframe can be more beneficial in achieving long-term sobriety without relapsing.

The cost is another factor that can determine which rehab you are capable of enrolling in, depending on your budget. The cost varies depending on the quality of the services, location of the facility, and the length of the program. Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to covering the cost of the services. The Affordable Care Act requires healthcare companies to pay part of the cost when they need addiction treatment services. Self-funding and loans can also make it possible to afford the treatment program. Some facilities even offer scholarships and financial assistance, making it necessary to research your options before you select the right program.

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