How Can I Find Out if an Inpatient Detox Near Me Takes My Insurance?

Deciding to seek treatment for an alcohol or drug addiction is a tremendous first step. However, many clients who have made the decision to work toward their new life of recovery feel overwhelmed when they think about the logistics that are often involved in receiving substance abuse treatment. One of the first perceived hurdles most people who are seeking a rehabilitation program encounter is the question of covering costs.

Most people cannot afford to pay for substance abuse detox and treatment out of pocket in the absence of insurance, a payment plan, a loan, or help from a government agency, nonprofit organization, or family member or friend. While having insurance can certainly ease a drug and alcohol rehab client’s concerns about cost, there are several different factors that determine which program the insurance company will cover and exactly how much coverage the individual will receive. For this reason, clients who have insurance may be required to do a little legwork prior to choosing a treatment program.

Contact the Insurance Company Prior to Choosing a Detox Center

The best approach to choosing a detox center or program that will accept a specific type of insurance is to first call the insurance company. However, most insurance carriers offer several policies with similar names and coverage levels that can be confusing to the average policyholder. Insurance customers may typically call their insurance carrier or even search online for a list of substance abuse and addiction treatment centers that accept their insurance. Customers should also carefully review the terms of their policy to determine the types and quantities of treatment services the insurance company will cover. In many cases, the insurance company may require the customer to pay a deductible or coinsurance amount for the services they receive. In other cases, the insurance company may cover 100% of substance abuse and addiction treatment costs, medications, and follow-up counseling.

Speak to An Inpatient Detox Center Representative

In some cases, insurance companies may provide an outdated list of detox and treatment centers that accept their insurance. Even if the insurance company informs a client that he or she may use his or her insurance at a specific treatment center, the client should follow up with the treatment center to confirm the center will accept the client’s specific insurance carrier and policy. The treatment facility will have the most current information, and they typically have their own staff members who process insurance claims and can help patients utilize their coverages in ways that are in the patient’s best interest.

Alternatives to Insurance

In some cases, a detox center may not accept a client’s insurance, or the patient’s insurance carrier may offer partial coverage leaving the patient to find a way to cover the remaining costs. In these situations, there are several other resources patients can seek out to help them cover the cost of inpatient detox. Most detox centers offer inhouse payment programs that allow patients to cover their costs in small, more manageable increments. Alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers generally do not want to simply turn patients away without offering alternative solutions to help them receive the treatment they need. Patients who are underinsured may also consider loans, credit cards, and detox centers that specifically offer services to people who are uninsured or underinsured. There are even specialized types of credit lines and loans that were designed to be used solely for medical expenses, including detox and substance abuse treatment programs. Clients who have concerns about their insurance coverage or ability to afford treatment should speak with a representative from the detox center at which they would like to receive treatment. A case manager will discuss alternative options with the client and suggest a treatment plan that is more appropriate for the individual’s insurance coverage and financial situation.

A Detox Program for Every Circumstance

The best way to find a detox program that accepts a particular insurance carrier is to first call the carrier then call the detox center. By communicating with both parties, detox center patients can potentially eliminate many of the hiccups patients sometimes experience when they use insurance to cover medical treatment. Most detox centers have a strong interest in making the process as smooth as possible to allow the patient to receive the help he or she needs. Therefore, those who have concerns about whether they have coverage to pay for alcohol or drug detox should not feel discouraged from reaching out for help. Call us today at 844-639-8371.

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