What Are 10 Things To Be Completely Honest About In Recovery?

The decision to enter recovery is a significant and laudable step for a recovering addict. Such action demonstrates that said individual recognizes they possess a serious problem and are willing to accept the help needed to conquer it.

That said, this effort is merely the first of many important undertakings. The recovery process is often long and filled with numerous challenges. Arguably, one of the biggest keys to addiction recovery is honesty.

The Importance Of Honesty During The Healing Process

In many instances, being dishonest precipitated and fueled an addict’s dependency. Said individuals often lied, cheated, stole, and engaged in other detrimental and hurtful actions merely to satisfy their needs.

Additionally, most recovering subjects will be unable to achieve and maintain sobriety unless they adopt what many addiction treatment professionals classify a rigorous honesty policy where they are completely forthright about all the issues they face at all times.

10 Specific Issues Necessitating Complete Honesty While In Recovery

Inspiring those in treatment to display total honesty is a major aspect of many recovery programs. Improving persons could likely identify countless issues they adopt a greater degree of sincerity about. However, 10 such critical matters include:

The Reasons The Addiction Began

Arguably, the biggest misconception addicts convince themselves of is the reason they started using in the first place. Many delude themselves into thinking they heeded to peer pressure or enjoyed the mental or physical impacts of such drugs.

That said, the subject’s addictions typically grew to mask deep-rooted physical, mental, or emotional pain. Truly identifying the root cause of these negative feelings often helps them address said concerns and control associated emotions.

Taking Responsibility

Recovering addicts must be forthright about taking responsibility for their actions. They are the reason they became dependents. Granted, certain factors might have influenced their usage such as:

  • Stress
  • Illness
  • Boredom
  • Negative influences
  • A toxic environment

However, at the end of the day, the decision to first ingest and continue using increasingly greater quantities of a given drug rests entirely on their shoulders.

The Need To Associate With Different People

While unscrupulous or other addictive personalities are not entirely to blame for an addict’s issues, they can be classified as negative influences.

Healing subjects need to recognize such parties must be disassociated with and develop new relationships with productive, healthy, encouraging individuals.

Their Actions Hurt Others

Those experiencing the throes of chemical dependency often fail to realize the impact said behavior has on loved ones and other close relations.

Therefore, they must realize that their addiction exerted adverse impacts over the lives of their friends and relatives and regaining the trust of said individuals and repairing broken relationships will require time.

Entire Life Changes May Be Necessary

In certain instances, a recovering soul’s entire life might need to change. This includes concerns like their:

  • Profession
  • Social circle
  • Hobbies
  • Personal and professional associations

Above all, a healing individual’s lifestyle might require alterations. Said subjects may need to move or even relocate to a place significantly different from the environment they had grown accustomed to.

The Need To Ask For Help

Addictions spiral out of control for various reasons. However, one precipitating factor is often simple, bullheaded pride. Many addicts may see that their dependency is bad but simply never ask for help thinking such actions are weak.

Moving forward, addicts must not be prideful and request assistance when they simply cannot manage a difficult situation on their own accord.

No One Is Perfect

Occasionally, future addicts develop a perfectionist personality and experience difficulty existing in a world they envision as less than perfect.

However, the plain truth is that no person or circumstance will ever be perfect. The trick is learning to cope with flawed personality traits and imperfect situations.

Even Little Lies Can Be Damaging

Addiction is often born out of lies and deception. Therefore, addicts must reach the conclusion that even little lies can ultimately precipitate big problems.

Recovery Is Challenging

Healing persons must admit to the fact that the recovery process can be long and filled with challenges. However, this is normal. Achieving and maintaining sobriety rests with their ability to whether these storms.

Running Is Never The Answer

The dependencies of many addicts burgeoned because said subjects tried to ignore or run from their dependencies or the issues fostering said problem’s development.

Recovering persons must comprehend that running will never solve anything. Problems will always catch up at some point. Therefore, addressing the matters at hand as early as possible is crucial to an efficient and expedited resolution.

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