Should You Travel for Addiction Treatment?

You’ve already made a powerful and important decision in your choice to enroll in an addiction treatment program. Now, you have some additional decisions to make. One possibility is to stay at or near home for treatment, and another option is to travel elsewhere.

Factors to Consider

The first step is to take into account individual factors that could affect your ability to travel for treatment. Some of those elements include the following:

  • Your children and pets
  • Your job and schooling
  • Your home environment
  • Your support system

Children and Pets

If you are the sole care provider for children or pets, moving away from your home may not be an option. Even when someone else is able to care for little ones, you may not want to move away from your kids for an extended period of time. Do think about your long-term goals in this situation. For example, a friend may be able to watch your dog or cat for some time so that you can go to the best treatment facility for your needs.

Job and Schooling

Employment is a major factor that many people have to consider when deciding what type of treatment to get. You may not be able to afford to take so much time off from your job to move to another part of the country. On the other hand, your boss might be flexible, or your family may be able to financially support you for the short term. As far as pursuing a degree, speak with your academic counselor. You may find that there are more options available than you thought for taking a temporary break from school.

Home Environment

Having a nurturing group of individuals around you during the recovery period is important. When the people with whom you live are a strong source of support and are in favor of your treatment plans, being regularly connected with these individuals is helpful. Do keep in mind that you could still stay in touch across a distance through technology. If your home environment is filled with temptations and people who do not care for your health and wellness, moving away is the right choice.

Support System

Think about the system of support that you have around you even when you do not live with those individuals. If you don’t have caring people in your circle, traveling for treatment can finally provide you with that crucial supportive base. Also, people who truly care about you will understand your need to travel to get help if doing so is the best option.

Benefits of Traveling

For some people, staying at home and receiving outpatient treatment or going to an inpatient center near their dwellings is the right move. If you’re even thinking about traveling, though, consider the benefits:

  • Focus on you
  • New environment
  • Seeing different perspectives

Focus on You

Traveling for rehab can allow you to finally focus on yourself. Outpatient treatment can very well mean that you still have your regular responsibilities and obligations, such as going to work and taking care of the house. Traveling to another part of the state or to a different state entirely gives you the space to make your health a major priority.

New Environment

Being in a new environment can feel invigorating. You can truly feel as though you’re starting at least parts of your life over again. Simply waking up in a new space can help you to feel rejuvenated and ready to fully immerse yourself in treatment.

Seeing Different Perspectives

You might be surprised to learn about how people in different parts of the state or country respond to situations. Traveling for rehab can introduce you to approaches and thoughts that you have never encountered before. Whether or not you should travel for addiction treatment is a personal decision. You’ll need to evaluate your current situation and the benefits you could get from traveling. In order to make the most informed choice, call 844-639-8371 to speak with a counselor today.

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