Should I Look for a Therapist Near Me Who Practices Psychotherapy or CBT?

The right treatment for your addiction must tap into the underlying reasons for why you use drugs or alcohol. As you look for a rehab, you’ll quickly notice just how many different types of therapy are out there. While some types of treatment are still in the developing stages, psychotherapy has existed for many years. This method for drug and alcohol addiction treatment also works well with other forms of therapy, which means that you can benefit from using a range of different techniques to get sober. When you are looking for a therapist near me who practices psychotherapy or CBT, it helps to know more about how these methods are used to treat addiction.

If you ask a person who got sober how they did it, they’ll likely tell you that they didn’t fully enter sobriety until they sought professional help. Therapists undergo years of training to understand how drugs and alcohol affect your body. They listen during your therapy sessions without judging you for your habits. They also work with you to provide individualized treatment that targets the specific reasons for why you developed an addiction. Finding a therapist who practices psychotherapy gives you an edge for getting sober and avoiding a relapse.

What are Psychotherapy and CBT?

You’ll sometimes hear people refer to psychotherapy as talk therapy. This is because your therapist will spend large amounts of time talking to you during your treatment. They might ask you specific questions to learn more about how and why you use drugs and alcohol. They might also provide you with special exercises to do between sessions. These exercises are designed to help you think deeper about your behaviors. One of the reasons why psychotherapy is so beneficial for addiction treatment is that it is capable of helping you work through underlying mental health issues that drive your need to use drugs and alcohol to cope. Psychotherapy can be used to address these additional mental health issues that you might face.

  • PTSD
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • grief and loss

CBT is a form of psychotherapy. Many psychotherapists practice this technique along with other forms so that they can tailor your treatment to include what works best for you. CBT involves challenging you to look at how your thoughts influence your behaviors. With CBT, the goal is to provide you with a short term form of therapy that teaches you strategies to manage your behavior that you can use for the rest of your life.

How Do Psychotherapists Help With Addiction?

At first glance, many people find it hard to understand why people in rehab spend so much time talking to their therapists. Psychotherapists use your sessions to get you to dive deep into your thoughts to identify negative patterns that you can change with help. In your rehab program, you can expect to meet with your psychotherapist for individual counseling sessions. Your therapist might also encourage you to speak with other people during group sessions that provide you with more tools for addressing your addiction.

It is important to enter into therapy with an open mind. At first, you might not feel like it is working. You might also feel slightly uncomfortable when you talk about difficult subjects. Psychotherapy tends to get better with time. As you begin to get to know your therapist, you’ll feel more comfortable opening up about your lifestyle. You’ll also begin to notice small changes in your thoughts and actions that let you know that you are on the right track for success. With CBT, the idea is to never punish yourself for a setback since feeling guilty or ashamed won’t help you stay sober. Instead, you’ll acknowledge your challenges and work with your therapist to improve your life.

What Else Should I Look for In a Drug Treatment Program?

You want to find a well-rounded treatment program that blends therapy with other forms of help. At an inpatient program, you’ll want to make sure that you have access to healthy meals along with opportunities to engage in recreational activities. Looking for a rehab center that has a proven track record for success also helps you feel confident about your decision.

A quality drug treatment program should constantly be preparing you to live a sober lifestyle outside of the rehab center’s walls. Having access to family therapy and other forms of support means that you’ll have the resources that you need to stay sober once you return to your normal life at home.

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