How Hard Is It to Get Into an Addiction Treatment Center in Cape Coral?

A lot is going on in America right now. There’s a Coronavirus pandemic that is wreaking havoc on the lives of Americans everywhere. There is also evidence that drug and alcohol abuse has reached record levels. That includes evidence that the heroin/fentanyl epidemic is still creating health concerns in communities everywhere.

While there really isn’t a basis for comparison, it’s fair to assume that America’s drug and alcohol rehab centers are feeling the pinch. From ocean to ocean and border to border, a lot of rehabs are operating at full capacity.

What does that mean for someone who needs treatment in an area like Cape Coral? It means that people need to be patient and openminded about pursuing other treatment alternatives.

There are several issues at play here regarding difficulty locating treatment services in the Cape Coral area. First, the need for addiction treatment services has never been higher. When the predominant addiction issues involve dangerous drugs like heroin, there’s a lot of people who need more than 30 days in rehab.

The second issue is related to bed space. Because of the heroin addiction epidemic, a lot of the people who need treatment need residential treatment. The severity of their addiction issues make residential (inpatient) care a must.

Finally, Cape Coral sits in an area that is very popular among people in the addiction treatment community. When people want the best treatment they can get, it’s no secret that Florida, especially South Florida, reigns as the addiction treatment capital of the world.

Treatment Alternatives

As we stated above, the fact many Cape Coral residential treatment centers may be impacted changes the addiction treatment landscape. It leaves a lot of people who need treatment in a position where they need to think of alternatives.

One option would be to get one’s name on a waiting list. That might not be a good alternative because it means the individual might be left having to continue abusing drugs/alcohol until space opens up.

The second alternative would be to expand the area one is willing to consider for addiction treatment. For the most part, it would become necessary to accept treatment from the first decent rehab that has available space.

The last alternative makes a lot of sense, but it might not always be feasible. We are referring to outpatient treatment. If someone is able and willing to pursue outpatient treatment, it opens up the possibility that a Cape Coral rehab facility would be able to accommodate them.

There are three primary outpatient options. Selecting the right one requires looking at the circumstances surrounding the client’s addiction. Before we get into the details, here are the three options (listed from most restrictive option to the least restrictive option):

  • Partial Hospitalization (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
  • Standard Outpatient (OP)

Partial Hospitalization

Thos option is suitable for clients with a significant addiction problem but an unwillingness or inability to stay in a residential program. While able to sleep at home, the client would need to report for treatment at least five days a week for at least 6 hours a day. In some cases, the time requirement might be more restrictive.

During the treatment process, most of the focus would be on individual therapy with some group therapy participation when available.

Intensive Outpatient

This option is available for clients who have a moderate addiction problem but still want or need a significant amount of therapy. They would need to report for treatment at least three days a week for at least four hours of therapy a day. All of their time would likely be devoted to individual therapy.

Standard Outpatient

This option is available for clients who have already been through more restrictive forms of treatment and just require a little bit of maintenance counseling. This option also works well for clients who have a mild addiction issue and seem capable of functioning responsibly. The time requirements would be a couple of days a week for no more than a couple of hours a day.

If you are seeking treatment specifically in the Cape Coral area, we might be able to accommodate you. If not through a residential treatment program, we might be able to create an outpatient program that will meet your needs. To find out more about our facility and available addiction treatment services, we would ask that you contact one of our representatives at 844-639-8371. Someone is available 24/7/365.

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