Is 28 Day Rehab Long Enough to Recover?

It’s not easy coming to terms with the fact that you’re struggling with addiction and that you need help. Once you commit to a path to recovery, however, you may be concerned that your treatment program is only 28 days long. While this is still a big commitment, it hardly seems like enough time to help you recover from your addiction. You may be wondering how effective a 28-day rehab plan can really be in helping you to recover.

In truth, your recovery will last a lifetime and you’ve probably already heard others say that you will always be in recovery. The 28 days you spend in treatment is essentially a stepping stone to prepare you to live a clean and sober life. While you live in the treatment facility, you’ll learn to recognize your triggers and you’ll be taught new ways to cope with them. You may also start therapy to help you cope with emotional problems that prompted your substance abuse. In essence, rehab is intended to give you the tools you need to live a better life.

28 Day Treatment Programs are Intense

In most cases, a 28-day rehab program is enough to start addicts on the road to recovery. While these treatment programs may seem brief, they’re very intensive and require participation in various types of therapy and counseling. From the early morning to bedtime, each day is filled with counseling and activities designed to promote clean and healthy living. While you may get a period of free time each evening, most of your day will be filled with structured activities. During your initial intake, you will be evaluated to determine your needs.

This will help counselors customize a treatment plan to ensure you’ll receive the types of therapy and counseling to best help your recovery. Often, this means arranging for therapy that will help you explore your underlying emotional or psychological problems. Since many people turn to substance abuse to self-medicate for emotional problems, treating these underlying conditions is important. Failing to treat these problems will increase the likelihood that you’ll end up relapsing.

Rebuilding a Healthier Lifestyle

Dealing with your addiction is just one part of the recovery process. It will also be necessary for you to adopt a new way of thinking about how you live. This means learning how to eat healthier foods and incorporating exercise into your daily routine. While the amenities vary from facility to facility, you may also be able to participate in yoga, meditation, massage therapy, and other types of physical therapy. In addition to keeping your thoughts occupied, these activities relieve stress and promote emotional and physical health.

If it seems like this is too much to cram into a 28-day program, you may be surprised by how productive this all is for encouraging recovery. Many recovering addicts even make time to include spiritual counseling and prayer services in their routines. This is important for many recovering addicts because it helps them feel more hopeful about their own futures. Every minute that you spend in a 28-day rehab program is structured to help you build a healthier and cleaner life for yourself.

What Do You Do When Your 28 Days is Up?

When you near the end of your 28-day treatment plan, you won’t have to worry about getting forced out onto the street. You’ll meet with your counselor and the two of you will decide if you are ready to return to society. In some cases, treatment may need to be extended. However, if it’s decided that you are ready to leave the facility, your counselor will help you make those arrangements. Some people find it’s easier to return home after treatment, where they have supportive family members to help them adjust.

You may decide you would do better by moving into a sober living home first. Whichever option you decide, your counselor will help you make your next move. Even after you do return home, you will still have to create a recovery plan for yourself. One primary component will be to find peer group support meetings that you can attend your community. You may also need to continue participating in psychological counseling to treat any emotional problems with which you may be struggling. Overall, you’ll have the best chances for a sustained recovery by continuing the healthy lifestyle you adopted in rehab. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer any additional questions you may have about the treatment process. To learn more, or to begin the intake process, call us at 844-639-8371. Making this call is the first step in beginning your recovery.

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