How do I find the right rehab for my teen?

Finding the right rehab for your teen can be difficult because they are not like other adult patients. They don’t know what they need, the right course of action, or how the treatment needs to progress.

It’s important to remember that the right rehab setting and team approach will provide what your teen needs to get back on track. In this article, we will go through ways you can use to find the right rehab for your teen.

Ways to Help You Find The Right Rehab For Your Teen

Talk to Your Primary Care Physician

Once you’ve decided you want to send your teen to rehab, the next step is to figure out how best to find the right rehab. Most likely, your primary care physician (spouse, parent, or another family member) will be able to give you some recommendations. They may be able to tell you where a good rehab facility may be located near your home if they know someone who has had experience with that facility.

Check Out Online Reviews

You can always check out online reviews if your primary care physician can’t help you. Many people share their experiences with specific rehab facilities on social media and review sites. Take time to read some of these reviews and use what you learn to continue your search for the right rehab facility. This input is also helpful because it will give you a feel for the kinds of things people like and dislike about certain facilities.

Ask Other People in the Community

If you don’t hear anything helpful through your primary care physician or online reviews, another good choice is to ask other people in your community. Social workers, teachers, school counselors, and others who work closely with teens daily can have valuable input into the kinds of rehab programs available in your area. You can also ask these people if they know stories of teens who have gone through the rehab facility and how it went. You may be able to find a connection with someone who has conducted research and has helped write the school’s or facility’s curriculum.

Contact the Facility Directly

You can also directly contact the facility itself. The staff at the facility should be able to tell you about their program, and they can be sure to walk you through the screening process, treatment plan, and ongoing program for your teen. They will also be able to provide you with names of families who have had experience using their services in the past. The staff may even be able to provide you with personal references.

Have a Checklist Ready to Go

Once you’ve found a few facilities you are interested in, it’s time to start choosing one. Before you speak with each facility, make sure you have a checklist of the things you are looking for and can evaluate on your own. These should include accreditation, continuing education and training for your teen’s treatment team, and site visits.

Know What Type of Facility You Want

When looking for the right rehab, it helps to know what type of facility you’re looking for. If you want your teen to stay in an inpatient setting, this situation is very different from someone seeking outpatient care. There are also differences between facilities that treat adults and adolescents. Read the facility’s literature carefully and ask to speak with someone if you have any questions.

Do a Site Visit

This is a vital step. If you’re in doubt about the facility, it’s better to postpone a decision and do a site visit immediately. Be sure to bring along an adult you trust that can give you feedback about whether the center has the things you are looking for. The facility should be able to tell you about the structure of their program, from the way they deliver therapy to the staff’s qualifications and approach to recovery. You may want to bring a smartphone or camera to take pictures or videos of any areas that look appealing.

Get Input From Your Teen

Finally, don’t forget that you can ask your teen what they think about particular rehab facilities. This is a good way to get more insight into what your teen might value in a rehab program. In addition, when you ask your teen, they will feel like they are being involved and cared for in the process. And it will also be great for their case manager to hear about their concerns and needs. In conclusion, you can use these tips to find the right rehab for your teen. The process may take time, but getting the results you want for your teen is well worth the effort. If you need help finding the right rehab for your teen, call our 24-hour helpline, and we can help you find a rehab program that will work for you. Call us at 844-639-8371.

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