How Can Addiction Treatment Help You Recognize and Stop Unhealthy Patterns?

Addiction is a medical condition that is best treated by a stay in rehab. While therapy and detox are two important parts of rehab, how you can recognize and stop unhealthy patterns is one of the more important things you will learn. It’s important that these patterns are addressed not only to avoid a relapse from occurring but to figure out the tools you will need to say no to unhealthy patterns in your life. When these issues are not addressed, other addictions may pop up in place of alcohol or drug addiction. These can include gambling problems, sex addiction, and more.

Unhealthy Patterns of Addiction

Addiction treatment can help you recognize and subsequently stop the unhealthy patterns you are used to dealing with. Let’s take a look at some of the patterns you may be used to and how treatment can help you overcome them.

Repeated attempts to quit

Recognizing the problem- Many addicts do try to quit their addiction on their own. However, being around the people and situations that can cause you to want to use in the first place can make it almost impossible to abstain. Relapse rates are high for people who don’t turn their needs over to rehab.

How treatment can help- A reputable rehab center will provide you with a safe place to detox. When you are able to focus completely on your sobriety, it will be that much easier to quit for good.

Using without the pleasure

Recognizing the problem- Many addicts are so physically and emotionally hooked on their substance of choice that they continue to use even when it does nothing to them. For example, a person addicted to painkillers may hardly feel the effects of the drug anymore, but they will continue to take them every day anyway.

How treatment can help- Treatment centers will first help you rid the substance from your body. Then, you can work on why you feel the need to use in the first place. Your therapist will give you tips on what to do instead of using. Without professional intervention, you may have little desire to try.


Recognizing the problem- Many addicts use drugs and alcohol as a way to self-medicate when they are dealing with a stressful or upsetting situation. You may use substances to forget the past or bury negative childhood experiences. It’s an easy yet unhealthy behavior that isn’t as easy to break free from on your own.

How treatment can help- Treatment at a rehab facility will often include a dual diagnosis. What does that mean? Your therapist will address not only your substance addiction but also any underlying mental health condition that you may be suffering from. You’ll learn how to deal with stress in a healthy way when you leave rehab for good.

Personal Hygiene

Recognizing the problem- Some addicts have a problem with personal hygiene during the worst of their drug use. Since addiction and mental illness often go hand-in-hand, many individuals don’t have the desire to keep up with bathing and grooming. Some simply stop caring as their urge for drugs and alcohol takes first priority. This often leads to even more feelings of hate and worthlessness.

How treatment can help- Self-care is an important part of recovery. Treatment centers can teach you how to take care of your personal hygiene when you aren’t feeling up to it. You’ll learn to care about your appearance when your sole focus is no longer using drugs or alcohol.

Weight Fluctuations

Recognizing the problem- Drugs and alcohol abuse can cause weight gain and loss. However, weight loss is the more common of the two, as many addicts simply can’t eat when they are high. Many drugs, such as amphetamines, cocaine, and heroin, act as an appetite suppressant. Some addicts will spend all of their money on drugs instead of a meal. Many addicts can go for days at a time without eating anything of substance.

How treatment can help- Once the drugs are out of your system, your appetite is likely to return. However, the biggest way that treatment can help this unhealthy habit is by providing the knowledge that your weight is important. You’ll learn how to regularly eat healthy meals and how to get the proper nutrition.

Treatment Centers and You

When you are battling a drug addiction and unhealthy habits, it can seem pretty hopeless. We can assure you it is not! We can help you today when you call to make an appointment. Let us help you- call now at 844-639-8371.

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