Do Drug Rehab Centers Offer Any Kind Of Guarantee?

When it comes to your health and happiness, it is natural to want to make sure that any drug rehab center you choose is committed to helping you get sober. During your search for addiction treatment, you might come across a few centers that offer guarantees. You might have even begun your search hoping to find a treatment center that can guarantee the effectiveness of their services.

After all, you might expect a company to guarantee the work that they do on your home or car, so why wouldn’t you expect an even higher level of promise from a rehab center that you trust with your health? Asking do drug rehab centers offer any kind of guarantee is a sign that you value your wellbeing, but it could also be coming from your concerns about your ability to actually get sober. Exploring the types of guarantees that you can come across during your search for treatment along with why you think you need one helps you choose an effective program that fits your needs.

What Does a Reasonable Rehab Guarantee Look Like?

The first thing that anyone who is new to addiction treatment should know is that you’ll want to be wary of any rehab program that claims that they can offer you a 100% guarantee of success. Relapse is common in the addiction treatment community, which means that the majority of treatment centers have had multiple people return to their program.

A program that promises perfection may be unable to deliver on that promise. Honesty is often more important than a guarantee, and you’ll be more likely to feel successful if you can trust in a program. Reputable rehab programs tend to offer different types of guarantees that are more designed to help someone regain their footing with sobriety rather than get them in the door.

For example, a reasonable guarantee might allow for you to return to the treatment center for additional therapy sessions, or you might be offered a streamlined admissions process since you have been to the program before. With any type of guarantee, you’ll want to make sure to get it in writing. It also helps to ask questions about any parts of the agreement that aren’t immediately clear.

How Does a Rehab Program Influence Your Success?

Your choice of a rehab program has an impact upon your ability to get and stay sober. Keep in mind that this typically has little to do with them offering a guarantee. Instead, you’ll want to check to make sure that the program offers several critical components that help to guard against relapse.

The rehab you go to should offer these essential parts of a quality addiction treatment program. •Detox assistance and support

  • Professional mental health assessments
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Assistance with planning for follow-up care

Going to a treatment program may be a new experience, but you should feel comfortable in general with the environment and people that you encounter. Feeling comfortable means that you’ll be ready to open up during your therapy sessions so that you can get more out of each one. You should also expect to receive a personalized treatment plan that gives you an outline for how you will work on your sobriety. Choosing a treatment program that makes giving you exactly what you need to get sober a priority means that you’ll be more likely to be successful.

How Do You Avoid Needing to Use a Guarantee?

A guarantee may give you that extra bit of security that you need to go to rehab, but the idea is to not need one in the first place. Relapse prevention also has an individual component, and you are the only person who can ultimately make it possible to avoid having to use the guarantee when one is available. You can avoid needing the guarantee by taking rehab seriously from the very beginning. Make sure to attend every therapy session, and be an active participant in each one. Your willingness to cooperate with the treatment team makes a big difference in the outcome of your stay.

As a final note, it is best to immediately reach out for help if you experience uncontrollable cravings or catch yourself having a slip up. Figuring out what is influencing these changes in your life can help you get back on track before you have a full-blown relapse. Are you looking for a drug rehab that will vouch for their program’s success? If so, then call us at 844-639-8371. We’ll help you feel absolutely confident about the treatment center you choose.

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