Can You Detox From Marijuana?

When we think of drugs that cause the most damage, both physically and mentally, to the users who consume them, marijuana gets swept under the rug. And while it’s true that marijuana has mild physical side effects on patients who kick their habit, the psychological attachment to lighting up weed is powerful and debilitating. If you fall within the latter category of users who need to maintain their marijuana usage to feel “normal,” we understand your pain. And while it often feels like you’re fighting a losing battle, eliminating marijuana from your life is possible with the right outlook and plan. And if you’re struggling to see the benefits of quitting weed once and for all, here’s why you should commit to detoxing from THC.

The Tangible Benefits You’ll Experience When You Quit Weed for Good

First and foremost, you know all too well how much a weed addiction costs to maintain. For most consumers who smoke three to five times a day, spending $100 to $300 per week is typical. And when you extrapolate that spending over the course of a year (52 weeks), you’re losing between $5,200 and $15,600! This amount of money isn’t trivial: You could put a down payment on a car, pay off your debt, purchase a modest home with an FHA loan or remodel your home. While these areas may not excite you, think of how different your life could be by saving your hard-earned dollars.

Clarity and Productivity

As anyone who smokes regularly knows, marijuana tends to keep you glued to the couch the entire day. You know how it goes: You wake up feeling great, you’re motivated to tackle your day, you smoke a little bit and before you know it, you’ve wasted hours doing nothing. This behavior compounds over time and makes users feel like they’ve wasted their best years in a foggy haze of smoke and euphoria.

Do you suffer from any of these issues as a result of your smoking habit?

  • “I’ll do it later” excuses
  • Inability to focus
  • Losing interest easily
  • Poor work history
  • Limited career prospects
  • Lackluster sleep schedule
  • Poor fitness and health
  • Overdrafting your bank account
  • Limited financial resources

If you’re tired of hearing people say, “they had so much potential, but I don’t know what happened.” kicking your marijuana habit is essential. You’re capable of a great deal more than you give yourself credit for, but weed is causing you to fall short of your goals.

Finally Feeling Like You Have Energy and Motivation

A benefit of quitting weed is how much energy and motivation you suddenly have when the fog clears, and smoking is no longer your primary concern. For most smokers, the assumption that weed is harmless causes them to smoke with total abandon and recklessness, but their beliefs are unfounded. Marijuana users, on average, have a more difficult time breathing than their non-smoking peers. When they go for a jog, carry groceries into their home or perform physical activities, weed smokers are gasping for air, and their hearts are pumping rapidly. Chalking it up as being out of shape, the smoker goes back to their old habits and continues to pump smoke into their lungs. If you’re looking for a reason to kick marijuana to the curb, your newfound energy, motivation and ability to perform physical tasks should be of our main concern.

Powerful Emotions and Feelings

Another negative side effect that plagues marijuana users is how it dampens and dulls their personalities. To see this in full effect, reflect on a time when you were hanging out with a friend while they were high, and you were sober. If your experience was anything like the average person’s, the event was boring, uneventful and you couldn’t wait to leave. When consumed by the euphoria that marijuana provides, everything seems fine, and the world is amazing. But to the sober individuals in your space, these statements couldn’t be further from the truth.

Once you decide to call it quits on your relationship with weed, your emotional flood gates will open, and a new lifestyle will present itself. While each smoker is unique, here is a list of experiences former smokers report once they drop the habit:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Ability to handle complex tasks
  • Romantic relationships become stronger
  • Critical thinking improves
  • Emotional control enhances
  • Goals become easier to attain
  • Friendships become deeper and fulfilling

Make Marijuana Part of Your Past, Not Your Future

If you want to change your lifestyle and use your hours productively instead of relying on marijuana, we’re ready and willing to help. Through our unique approach of coaching and counseling, you’ll develop the tools and mental tenacity to overcome your addiction to marijuana. Get your life moving in the direction you want by reaching out and kicking your habit for good! Call us at 844-639-8371.

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