Besides Clothing, What Else Do I Need to Bring with Me to Rehab?

One of the powerful ways to stand and care for yourself on the road to battling drug addiction is going to a rehabilitation and addiction center. It allows you to recover while away from triggers and in the safe hands of counselors and healthcare professionals.

As you get ready to stay at the rehab treatment center, you may be wondering what to carry along with you. Well, when making your rehab packing checklist, it is best to check with your rehab treatment center first. Varying addiction recovery and rehabilitation centers have different guidelines on what to bring or not to bring to rehab. Below is a list of some regular items that you may bring with you to rehab.


Personal hygiene is paramount to a clear mind and healthy living in treatment centers. Therefore, you must pack toiletries or general hygiene products with you. It is best to purchase new products for rehab admission, as used products may have been tampered with. Also, important to note is that all cleaning or sanitizing liquid items should be from alcohol.

Bedding and towels are mostly provided at the treatment centers, but you can also carry your own. We advise you to leave other personal hygiene and beauty products such as colognes or perfumes that may trigger fellow patients’ allergies. The personal hygiene items should be able to last you for at least a month. Some of the toiletries to bring with you include:

  • A toothbrush and toothpaste or dental floss
  • Alcohol-free mouthwash
  • A comb or hairbrushes
  • Shampoo, alcohol-free hair sprays, shaving cream, and other essential hair care products
  • Beauty products such as make up kits
  • Lotions or skin moisturizers
  • Female sanitary care products
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm

Personal and Identification Items

You are not alone in a rehab treatment center; time spent with others is critical to your recovery; as such, the recovery center should be able to identify you. On admission, you are required to have some identification document, for instance, your state-issued ID or driver’s license. In addition, your health insurance card will also be required. You should also have a list of loved ones to contact in case of an emergency.

It is advisable that the list contains contacts to your next of kin and your healthcare professional if you have one. Money is not a requirement; however, you may carry small amounts of cash for store or vending machine purchases. If you are set to pay for the treatment, carry along your checkbook or a debit or credit card. Journals, family or friend photographs, and diaries are also permissible in treatment centers.

Medication Items or Products

Dealing with certain health conditions that require you to be on medication or routine doctor visits is no reason to skip rehab. You may use and pack prescribed medications in their original packaging. Liquid medication and prescribed vitamins are also permissible but should be new and unopened.

It is best to list the items and show a healthcare professions recommendation to use the medication. That is considered important as your counselors and rehab doctors will be up to date with your medical needs. Most treatment centers have more strict policies around over-the-counter medicines and mineral supplements, so ask first before packing them. Prohibited drugs and alcohol are illegal and should be completely avoided.

Items to Unwind or Relax You

While being around fellow patients and counselors facilitates your recovery, some you-time is critical for self-care. Rehab treatment centers allow items that spark your creativity or engage you in a relaxing and mentally stimulating way. For instance, journals, sketchbooks, novels can help keep you engaged during your alone time.

Finding healthier options to escape our drug indulgence is critical to recovering from addiction. If drawing or painting is what you enjoy, spend some time engaging in that. In addition, such activities lower stress, curb anxiety and redirect your energy. Now that you know what to pack for rehab, some items that may fall in the above categories may still be prohibited. Some of these items include:

  • Meals or junk food from outside. During your rehab stay your treatment center will have a great diet plan for you and other patients to follow
  • Nail polish and other nail care products
  • Weapons as the treatment center is a safe and secure facility for all
  • Video games or pornography material
  • Highly valuable items

Liaise with your rehab treatment center for specific guidelines before using the above list to pack. Get in touch with our counselors anytime by calling us on 844-639-8371 now.

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