Will Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Services Require Drug Tests?

Addiction has been a dark cloud hanging over your head for too long. It follows you every where you go, robbing you of any happiness, consuming you with the need to find more of the source of your addiction. You’ve finally hit rock bottom. Your employer has given you an ultimatum to get help or clean out your desk. Your partner has shown you the door if you can’t clean up your act. You can’t focus on anything but your addiction. You’ve lost weight. You’re not sleeping. You’re on edge. Something has to give. You’re considering entering an addiction recovery program. As you consider all your options, you want to know if outpatient drug rehabilitation services require drug tests.

Drug Testing is a Typical Part of the Treatment Process

When you first enter any type of addiction recovery program, you can expect drug testing to be performed. This will allow professionals to determine what is in your system, the level of toxins in your body, and what the best path for treatment will be for you. Periodic drug tests are common in order to check your progress. It can also give you proof of how effective your treatment program is.

Drug Testing Can Keep You on the Straight and Narrow

While drug testing can be an essential component to any type of addiction recovery program, it is especially important when you are involved in outpatient drug rehabilitation therapy. Many people choose outpatient therapy for a variety of reasons. It’s less expensive for insurance companies and they may urge clients to go in this direction. An outpatient program allows participants to continue to work and live at home. It may also be the perfect transition after inpatient therapy. Some patients will choose outpatient therapy while living in a sober living facility. While outpatient services are convenient, they leave the door to temptation wide open. There is much more freedom in an outpatient program. It’s all too easy to fall back on bad habits. Regular drug testing can offer patients an incentive to remain sober.

Your Main Goal is to Get Your Life on Track

When you choose to enter any type of recovery program, your main goal is to take back your life from addiction. If you are in an inpatient program, you won’t have any access to your drug of choice. When you choose an outpatient program, you are going to have to hold yourself accountable. You will be putting more pressure on yourself to stay clean. Embracing regular drug tests will help you to stay strong.

Rebuild the Foundation of Your Relationships

While drug testing may seem intrusive, it is a tool that can help you to stay sober. Each time that you are tested and prove you have no drugs in your system, you are a step closer to your recovery. Your friends and family members will have more faith in you as they cheer on your successes. You will prove to your counselors, your loved ones, and yourself that you can stay on the right path.

Put Your Health First

Choosing outpatient drug rehabilitation means putting your health at the top of your list of priorities. When drug testing is included throughout the duration of your program, it is a reminder that you must stay away from drugs and alcohol. You are doing this for yourself. Drug rehabilitation can help you to reclaim your life. You can be strong and healthy again when you don’t put toxins in your system. Testing is one of the best ways to ensure that you do. It’s like weighing in every morning while you are on a diet. It helps you to stay the course and reach your goals.

Learn More About Drug Testing and Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Services

Every program varies in how it incorporates drug testing as part of your treatment plan. It may be something you choose to do voluntarily to help you in the recovery process. To find out more about your treatment options and how drug testing may be used to help you, contact counselors at 844-639-8371. They are here to work with you to find a drug rehabilitation plan that will fit your needs and your lifestyle. Most importantly, they’ll be your guides to freedom from addiction.

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