When Is a Sober Living Facility the Best Choice for Recovery?

The decision to seek help for an addiction is not easy. Arriving at that choice can take years and only arrives after the addict has lost just about everything. Whatever the timing, it’s important to pursue a course of treatment that increases the odds of regaining control of your life. For some people, one of the ways that will happen is choosing to spend time in a sober living facility.

Facilities of this type have rules that everyone has to follow. Many require that residents have jobs or are at least seeking to find jobs. There may be curfews to abide by. It’s not unusual for residents to contribute to life at the facility by helping out with assigned chores. What else happens in a sober living facility? Here are a few ways that this decision will improve the odds of overcoming the addiction.

When You Need to Be Away From Toxic People

If you are like most people with an addiction or dependency, you’ve surrounded yourself with others who share your situation and see no reason to make any changes. There could also be family members whose main contribution is to offer a constant stream of criticism that doesn’t contain any constructive advice. Attempting to beat the addiction with those types of people in your life is not likely to result in any success.

By contrast, residing in a sober living facility surrounds you with the type of people who get what you’re facing. There are other residents who have also made the decision to overcome. There are staff and counselors who get how what you are attempting is going to be difficult. While you can expect everyone to be honest with you, and possibly blunt if the situation calls for it, they are also there to lend their support. That’s a much better place to be when you are facing this type of battle.

When You Want to Feel Less Lonesome

It’s easy to feel as if you are all alone and no one understands what’s happening in your life. In fact, people who have never lived with an addiction cannot fully grasp what it’s like. When there is no one around who has a clue, it’s easy to feel lonesome. That’s not a good thing since loneliness often increases the desire to go back to old habits. When you choose to enter a sober living facility, there are those who help you feel less alone. That’s because of they:

  • Know what it’s like to not feel in control
  • Understand what it’s like to disappoint loved ones
  • Have a desire to change but are not sure how
  • Deal with cravings that sometimes seem overwhelming

There’s something powerful about looking around the room at other people and knowing they are dealing with many of the same physical and emotional issues that are facing you. Knowing that they get it helps you feel less alone in what is a scary world right now.

When You Could Use Support and Help From the Managers at the Facility

There will be days when you seem to be making a lot of progress. The cravings aren’t bad and things went well at work. The sun is shining and you had the chance to do a little work on the grounds when you arrived home. You’re looking forward to an evening with the other residents and maybe sharing a laugh or two. Those days are the ones that keep you going and increase confidence in your ability to eventually be in full control of your life again.

Then there are days when things don’t go well. You want to give in to a craving or you find that you are lashing out at everyone around you. That’s when the support offered by the counselors and the facility managers will make a difference. They can help bring you down from all the upheaval that’s going on inside and help you get back to a better place. Along the way, you begin to recover coping skills that were lost during the years of your addictions.

If you are struggling with any type of addiction, there are people who can help. Call us today at 844-639-8371 and let’s talk about what is happening in your life. Our counselors are available at any time of the day or night. If you are serious about recovering your life and being in control of your addiction, we’ll support you every step of the way. If that includes spending time in a sober living facility, we’ll help you make that happen.

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