Will I Need To Cut People Out Of My Life When I Get Out Of Rehab?

Entrance into and completion of a rehab program demonstrates one’s desire to change their life for the better. That said, graduating from rehab is only the beginning of the battle. A return to civilian life often necessitates the recovering addict to make numerous difficult but necessary decisions geared towards helping said individuals maintain a straight and narrow course.

One such decision may include deciding which people to associate with moving forward. Our facility invites prospective consumers and concerned parties to read the following brief blog explaining the personalities recovering addicts might need to eliminate certain personalities from their lives, in addition to the associations they should maintain.

Subjects Taught In Rehab

Recovering addicts do more than merely kick their dependence of a specific substance. Said individuals also learn to identify the underlying reasons they become substance abusers and to avoid circumstances that contributed to those issues.

Will Recovering Addicts To End Ties With Certain People?

The short answer to this question is yes. Chances are one or possibly many individuals from a recovering addict’s past were either bad influences or contributed to the circumstances that precipitated their dependencies. It is important to reiterate that taking this step will be difficult but necessary for the healing subject to achieve optimal physical, mental and emotional health.

People Recovering Addicts Must Remove From Their Lives

Drug Dependents

Recovering addicts are strongly urged to refrain from associating with those still dependent on any type of substance. Individuals fitting this category are in the exact same cycle that the healing subject worked so hard and invested precious time to escape.

Overly Demanding Individuals

Granted, achieving complete and total recovery typically hinges on the remerging subject’s capacity to adopt a new, possibly strict and rigid schedule. That said, attaining such a goal often takes time. In many ways, a rehab graduate’s return to the outside world is akin to starting from scratch. Said individual must learn to cope with sobriety and gradually take on the responsibilities they once had. Individuals who are overly demanding might place undue stress on the recovering addict and make their reemergence far more difficult than need be.


Close observers might opine that enablers are the polar opposite of demanding people. Though these subjects are not necessarily uncaring or irresponsible individuals, they engage in behaviors that allow the active or recovering addict to partake in detrimental actions. Enablers often “looked the other way” when the addict was experiencing the height of their trouble. There is a good chance that such personalities will take an indifferent stance towards the remerging person’s efforts or not adopt a tough stance should they notice the healing subject may be in danger of again traveling the wrong paths.

Individuals With Their Own Emotional Or Mental Baggage

Amongst a recovering addict’s primary objectives is avoid complicated situations and individuals as much as humanly possible. Therefore, they are highly encouraged to limit or completely end their association with those experiencing too much their own drama. Drama often equals stress. The healing subject copes with enough stress as is and do not need to get caught up in anyone else’s.

Drug Dealers

To many, such advice might seem like the ultimate no-brainer. However, the recovering addict’s dealer might not always have been a shady criminal who did business in a dark alley. In a discernible percentage of instances, the remerging person’s dealer might have been a co-worker, friend, significant other or neighbor. When such circumstances are a reality, all ties with said individuals must be cut.

The Individuals A Recovering Addict Should Associate With

Upstanding Friends And Family

It is imperative for a recovering addict to associate with individuals who demonstrate a significant degree of high moral character and responsibility. Such subjects not only make good decisions and live their lives the right way but serve as solid role models.

Committed Individuals

A recovering addict’s support system will also be comprised of individuals who understand the remerging person’s plight and are committed to helping them recapture their lives.

Persons With Similar Experiences

Rehab graduates are strongly encouraged to associate with persons who are further along in the recovery process. Recovery will always be full of challenges and temptations. That said, those befitting this category have likely experienced such pitfalls and most capable of providing worthy advice regarding how to cope.

Contacting Us

Individuals who want to one day call themselves recovering addicts are encouraged to contact us. Our recovery center is located in Fort Myers, Florida and have successfully helped persons from across the eastern half of the United States beat their dependence and return to a normal life. Call us at 844-639-8371.

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