Will Drug Rehab in Fort Meyers Help Me Keep My Job?

For those who suffer from a drug problem, you’re likely also at risk of losing your job. Your performance can suffer when you’re unable to focus or even attend work due to your problem. The moment that an employer discovers the reason behind your reduced quality of work and your canceled workdays is likely the moment that you’re terminated from your job. Yet you can find help with a drug rehab in Fort Meyers.

While some employers may be displeased at the prospect of giving you leave for a month or several months so you can work on sobriety, you can find that they might be more willing if you were an excellent employee before you started using drugs.

Approaching Your Employer

There are a few ways that you can help your employer make the right decision in keeping you on as an employee. The first is to seek help as soon as you determine that you’re addicted. This shows that you are motivated and eager to solve problems that have arisen.

The second is to speak with them about it candidly. You don’t have to get into the big details, but if you tell your employer about what is going on in your life and that you need help, they’ll be more likely to respond to it positively. This conversation should take place in person rather than over a phone or through an email. It makes them see you as a human.

Finally, you’ll want to do everything you can to be a star employee before you inform them of your decision to attend drug rehab in Fort Meyers. You need to prove to them that you are a valuable employee. They’ll be less willing to replace when they see how much you’re involved in driving profit up in the business.

Attending drug rehab can also help you keep your job because of what it provides. Read on to find how else attending drug rehab in Fort Meyers can help you keep your job.

1. Re-Focused

As an addict, most of your attention is given to the need to satisfy the urge of taking the drug. Your brain needs it. When the addiction becomes severe, the brain can make you feel as though you need the drug or else you’re going to die. It’s difficult to concentrate on work when you feel as though you’re going to die at any moment without the drug.

After drug rehab, that intense craving is decreased. You’re taught better behaviors and habits to use instead. As a result, you’re able to focus on your work like you used to. Your productivity will increase, and your employer will be a lot happier.

2. No More Sick Days

Using drugs can cause a lot of stress on your immune system. You can become sick a lot easier. With as many germs that are passed through the workplace as they are, you likely found that you became sick often when addicted. Without the drugs wearing down your health, your immune system is able to fight back against the germs. You have to take less sick days as a result. Not only does this mean you can make more money for yourself, but it also reduces the inconvenience given to the rest of the staff.

3. No Missing Work

Your addiction likely drove you to imbibe either night before or the morning of work. You may be unable to attend work as a result. Perhaps you’re too high and you don’t want others to know it. Perhaps you’re suffering from the downs that come after a high. Or maybe you’re just worried that you’ll be picked for an unannounced drug test and be fired as a result. Whatever the reason may be, being addicted to drugs likely meant that you were calling out of work often.

This frustrates an employer to no end. It also makes your fellow coworkers rather angry, too. Going through a drug rehab treatment can help you maintain sobriety. You won’t be making poor decisions to get high before or after work. Instead, you’ll be able to go to work when you’re scheduled and appease your employer and fellow coworkers.

Secure Your Job

Once your employer has agreed to let you have a leave to take care of yourself at drug rehab, you’ll find that the person who leaves the drug rehab is brand new. Call us today at 844-639-8371 to help you secure employment.

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