Who Offers Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Alcohol Near Fort Myers, FL?

Struggling with addiction or watching a loved one engage in a battle with substance abuse is a challenging experience that can leave lasting effects. When you are in the midst of this situation, you might feel hopeless. However, many treatment options are available, and the fact that you’re even simply starting to think about getting help shows that you’re moving in the right direction.

Narrow Down the Options

As you begin the road to recovery or as you help a loved one navigate this journey, you might feel overwhelmed for a variety of reasons. One early issue involves deciding what type of outpatient rehab to seek. Therefore, you first want to learn what at least some of the options are. Possibilities for outpatient treatment include the following:

  • treatment following an inpatient program
  • religious or spiritual treatment
  • an approach based on art therapy
  • counseling sessions and outpatient treatment

Keep in mind that other types of treatment are available too. Learning some more about a few forms of outpatient treatment can point you in the right direction in terms of further research.

Treatment Following an Inpatient Program

One possible option for outpatient treatment is to seek additional assistance after attending an inpatient program. An intensive inpatient program for substance abuse can seriously help you with overwhelming your struggles when it comes to alcohol and drugs. Then, you can continue receiving support from the same facility in an outpatient program. Even when you aren’t planning to pursue an inpatient component to your treatment, check out facilities that offer this type of help. They may have programs that are strictly available for outpatients as well. You can potentially still get access to the same resources as inpatients without enrolling in that particular program.

Religious or Spiritual Treatment

If you are of a specific religion or if you follow spiritual practices, you can look for an outpatient program that aligns with your beliefs. Different types of programs exist within this category. For example, you may decide to enroll in a program that follows an approach that is heavily tied to one religious faith. On the other hand, you may opt for a program that professes belief in a higher power without giving a specific name to that higher power or requiring that you engage in specific religious practices. When you have faith, these beliefs can seriously assist with your recovery.

Art Therapy

A popular form of treatment for a variety of situations involves approaches from the field of art therapy. You do not need to consider yourself an artistic person to benefit from such an approach to treatment. Art therapy can be a possibility for you, regardless of your artistic skills. One of the ideas here is that art therapy can help you to release your emotions and to identify the reasons for your frustration. For example, you might engage in a drawing exercise that helps you to figure out a cause of your drinking or drug abuse. As you are exploring programs based in art therapy, you may also find programs that are connected to other interests of yours. Perhaps you will discover an outpatient program that looks toward sports and exercise or healthy eating habits as ways to assist in your recovery.

Counseling Sessions

On your journey toward a healthier life, you may realize that serious issues are leading to your desire to engage in alcohol and drug abuse. You may also discover that other issues exist that are independent of your addiction. In any case, now that you know you are also dealing with these other circumstances, you want to address them. Attending regular counseling or therapy sessions is a way to identify problems and to work toward creating effective solutions. Since you are aiming to tackle multiple issues at once, you can look into an outpatient program that will also allow you to meet with a counselor or therapist. For example, you might meet with a psychologist who will help you to craft plans for tackling a variety of issues that are negatively affecting your life. Deciding what type of outpatient program to attend might seem difficult at first, especially before you are aware of the different options that are out there. Now, however, you have a sense of where you might go to seek treatment and what the programs might involve. Now is the time to call 844-639-8371 to get started with a specific plan.

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