Who Can Benefit From Couples Rehab?

Couples share many aspects of their lives with each other. While it’s great to have a dinner companion and someone with whom you can enjoy watching movies together, being so close to someone else often means sharing negative habits as well. Over time, you and your partner may have started drinking or using drugs together, and it’s possible that this is an activity that plays a big role in your relationship. Alternatively, you might have met your partner for the first time in an environment in which drugs or alcohol took center stage.

Unfortunately, addiction has a disturbing way of driving a wedge between two people. While you may have once enjoyed getting high or drinking together, you’ve now begun to notice that it leads to problems that interfere with both you and your partner’s happiness. Financial difficulties, infidelity and poor communication are just a few of the common issues that arise in relationships when addiction is a factor. Now that you and your partner have decided to get sober together, you can expect to see you and other people in your life begin to experience the benefits of your shared sobriety.

Will Couples Rehab Save My Relationship?

One of your first concerns about sobriety may be whether or not it will help to save your relationship. After all, you know that this is a huge journey that you are embarking upon together, and you hope that it will help you to end your problems. You may also be curious about whether or not rehab will help your relationship if you two struggle with different types of addictions. Although no rehab can save a relationship that is destined to end, you can grow together as a couple when you both have the right mindset in place to take advantage of what you learn in treatment. In fact, choosing to get sober at the same time helps both of you avoid some of the pitfalls that occur when a person attempts to return home from rehab to someone who is still using drugs or alcohol.

Addiction treatment centers are designed to help people overcome their dependency upon drugs or alcohol, and our rehab is designed to treat addictions to many different types of substances. For example, you may need to go to rehab to work on an addiction to alcohol while your partner needs help getting off of opiates. You should also know that going to rehab as a couple helps you work together on underlying issues that affect your relationship as well as your ability to stay sober. In rehab, you and your partner can benefit from services that are especially helpful for couples that include the following:

  • Marriage and relationship counseling
  • Communication training
  • Recreational therapy

Do the Benefits of Rehab Help Other Members of My Family?

Relationships involve more than just two people. Since becoming a couple, you may have added children to your family. Alternatively, you may spend time with other members of your family such as your parents, siblings or cousins. In some cases, you may even be living in a multigenerational household that includes friends, extended family members or tenants.

Each of these people is affected by your addiction, and the issues that arise double when you struggle with drugs or alcohol as a couple. For instance, your children may be affected by seeing you deal with withdrawal symptoms, or your elderly parents may worry about watching you struggle financially. For this reason, going to couples rehab may benefit people besides just you and your partner. During your time in rehab, you can involve these other critical people in your life in family counseling sessions that allow you to mend relationships and grow together.

What Happens After We Finish Rehab Together?

Once you see the benefits of getting sober for your relationship, you want to keep improving as a couple. A major component of your treatment is learning strategies that you can also use outside of the center to help promote a long-term recovery. For instance, you and your partner will learn how to help each other identify triggers so that you can beat cravings before they turn into a relapse. You and your partner also have the opportunity to discover new activities to do together instead of using drugs. From spending an evening experimenting with a new nutritious recipe to heading out for a walk in the morning, you two can enjoy rediscovering all of the things that bring out the best in each other.

Have you and your partner reached the agreement that it is time to get sober? Great! You’ve already made the first step toward improving your relationship. Now, give our counselors a call at 844-639-8371 so that you can get set up in a rehab that is perfect for couples.

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