What is the Best Treatment for Drug Use?

Drug use has a great effect on your mental and physical health. This includes marijuana, heroin, opioids, alcohol, and hallucinogens. How greatly this affects your life is dependent on what type of drug you were taking, how much of it you were taking, and where you got the drug from. However, they are still damaging to the body nonetheless.

The problems you face as a drug addict can be temporary or long-term so it is a wise idea to stop drug use as soon as possible. One out of four people who uses dies due to drug use. The deaths could have been caused by an overdose or it could’ve been caused by damage in the internal organs from when the person took drugs. There are over 7 million people currently suffering from drug addiction, and this makes drugs one of the leading causes of a lot of preventable deaths and illnesses across the nation.

Not only do drugs affect your body, but they can also rewire the way that your brain functions because of the large amounts of dopamine entering. While being high on dopamine, you can become more impulsive and cannot be responsible. Drug addiction is a serious disease, and it should not be taken lightly.

How do drugs affect your life

Drug use affects your life in many ways. This includes legal issues, money problems, and trouble with family and friends. Have you ever lost your job due to excessive drug use? Maybe you were coming into work late or even stealing money on the job. There are multiple reasons why you are probably having money issues at this moment besides excessive drug purchases. Stealing from your job can also lead to legal troubles which will cause you to have to fork out even more money, or worse, you can go to jail.

Have you had to steal from family members to feed your bad habits? This desperate measure is not uncommon for people who are addicted to drugs. Often drug users will steal out of purses or take actual items from the home to take to a pawn shop. Are you more violent towards your family because of your drug use? Drugs often make people behave and react in ways that they do not intend to. Over time this could cause you to harm someone you love. Have your friends joked about forming an intervention for you? Though this is meant to be a light-hearted joke, it could be a cry for you to get help. Drug users often embarrass their friends or prove to be untrustworthy in one way or another.

Treatment options

The goals of drug treatment are for the user to stop doing drugs, become an active member of society, and stay free of drugs. Make sure that you attempt to find a program that is at least 90 days long to get the best treatment for drug use. It should be noted that with any treatment program that you were deciding to do that you should complete the program. This will ensure that you get the best results possible and do not slip back into your old ways. You should also understand that different treatments work for different people. The treatment process that you choose should be geared specifically to your physical and emotional needs and should be modified over time if there proves to be an issue. There are many different treatment options for someone who is addicted to drugs and this includes:

  • Counseling
  • Medicine
  • Mental Health Evaluations
  • Relapse Prevention Follow-up

Medication could be used on someone who is addicted to drugs to manage the symptoms of withdrawal and health conditions caused by drug use. The medicine is there to help lessen drug cravings and help regulate brain function. Behavioral therapy will help the addicted person to be able to normalize behaviors and attitudes, provide skills, and help them cope with whatever began their drug use. The types of behavioral treatment include family therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and motivational interviews and incentives.

How effective is drug treatment

Treatment does not mean that you are cured of substance abuse. This process simply means that this person is given the tools and the guidelines to be able to create a new life for themselves without drugs. Recovery will be a long-term journey that might even include a slip-up. However, treatment is extremely effective so most people who go will stop using drugs immediately. You should remember that your success is defined by you. While someone might stop doing drugs, they still might have the toxic behaviors they had before rehab. It should be noted that relapse is an extremely common issue during the recovery process. However, that should not discourage someone because your recovery journey will be long-term. Your hard work will not go to waste, you simply have to check your behavior and try a life of sobriety again. You might need to adjust the type of treatment you are using to get clean.


Treatment helps someone who is addicted to drugs fix themselves both physically and mentally. There will be doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, and recovery mentors that will help guide you in your healing journey. Ensuring that you are choosing the correct program for yourself or your loved one is crucial when it comes to recovery. Call us now at 844-639-8371, our counselors are available to help you 24/7 with your new healing journey.

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